Agricultural anger: progress after the meeting at the Elysée, “but it is not yet enough”

Agricultural anger: progress after the meeting at the Elysée, “but it is not yet enough”

Demonstrations again took place throughout France this Tuesday, February 20, four days before the opening of the Agricultural Show. MAXPPP

FNSEA and JA were received this Tuesday by Emmanuel Macron. Gabriel Attal is also due to speak this Wednesday, with the Agricultural Show looming at the end of the week.

The meeting between the Head of State and two of the main agricultural unions – the FNSEA and the Young Farmers – on Tuesday at the Élysée, did not bring down all anger, four days before the opening of the Agricultural Show. "We have progress, pledges, signals that go in the right direction, but this is still not enough at the moment", reacted at the end of this meeting Pierrick Horel, president of the JA, on Franceinfo. However, he mentioned "a rather constructive exchange" with Emmanuel Macron.

According to the trade unionist, many subjects were raised: "questions of simplification, attractiveness, income for farmers". But, he warns, "we need strong actions". And the words of the President of the Republic on Saturday during the’ inauguration of the show "will depend on the smooth running and good holding" of the event, he adds, even if his counterpart of the FNSEA, Arnaud Rousseau, believes that the Agricultural Show must remain "an important meeting between the agricultural world and the general public, it is not no question of making it a place of confrontations". He also expects from Emmanuel Macron "direct exchanges with farmers". "No question of him wandering the aisles, as usual", added Mr. Rousseau.

"Not the big night"

While on the ground too, the profession maintains the pressure with new demonstrations organized this Tuesday, other meetings will dictate the atmosphere which will reign in the largest farm in France . Starting with the press conference to be given by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal this Wednesday in Matignon, to announce new measures and take stock of "the month of simplification" .

For three weeks, the prefects have been responsible for forwarding requests from the unions, locally. More than 2,500 proposals arrived at the ministry, some on very specific issues. The head of government should recall that these meetings have already resulted in the modification of 63 decrees.

An Attal-Le Pen debate ?

He should also confirm that the Agriculture bill has been revised taking into consideration the demands of the month of January. "Not on the big night&quot ;, however, according to Le Parisien, which quotes an advisor to the executive, recalling that it is essentially a question of putting to music what has already been announced. Gabriel Attal, however, seems confident. Tuesday evening, he even proposed a debate to Marine Le Pen on agricultural issues.

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