Amateur gardeners exchange plants and knowledge while partying

Amateur gardeners exchange plants and knowledge while partying

Hugo, almost 17 years old, collects discarded plants to recycle them. FREE NOON

This Sunday, April 14, 2024, the park hosted the festival of amateur gardeners who came to exchange knowledge and plants in a fair atmosphere. The day was also punctuated by conferences.

There was sunshine, good humor and a brass band in the rural setting of the park where the gardeners' festival was held. The place located near the Jardins en Cèze welcomed enthusiasts like Philippe Rigaux this Sunday, April 14, 2024. He lives in Saint-Michel d’Euzet.

Journey story

It has a vegetable garden of 150 to 160 square meters. In 2023 he participated in the national vegetable garden competition. "I had 37 species of vegetables and 94 varieties on my plot". He had gone to Paris to collect the grand prize of this competition accompanied by his wife. This is the story of a journey like we heard this Sunday at the gardeners' festival.

Meeting opportunities

Nicole Sage is a municipal councilor in Bagnols-sur-Cèze in charge of this activity. "People come there to pick up their plants or to attend conferences", she explains.

Amateur gardeners exchange plants and knowledge while partying

Nicole Sage elected in charge of the amateur gardeners' festival. FREE NOON

The themes addressed by the speakers echo the issues linked to climate change, the use of pesticides or the use of intensive watering. The gardeners' festival also provides opportunities for meetings and even crushes.

Recycled plants

Example of Hugo. This young man, almost 17 years old, created an association which today has around thirty members. Its goal is to recover the plants that people throw away to give them a second life and resell them at a low price. Currently he is repotting 300 plants.

Show what is done

Amateur gardeners exchange plants and knowledge while partying

The psychiatric rehabilitation care unit participated in the party. THIERRY MBOM

Another edifying project, that carried out by the psychiatric rehabilitation care unit and the patients of this UPSR. "We have produced a range of aromatic plants and market gardening plants which we put on sale" explains Gael Platon, d monitor ;rsquo;workshop. The list of speakers at the gardeners' festival is obviously not exhaustive.

Visit to the stand

Amateur gardeners exchange plants and knowledge while partying

Philippe Rigaux presented his gardening methods FREE NOON

Philippe Rigaux mentioned above came to show visitors what he does. There was some traffic at the stand. "I was asked questions about compost", says he. The exhibitor mainly presented his gardening methods. Last year, on 504 square meters, he produced 585kg of tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini "by natural methods without fertilizer". As for pedagogy, there was some this Sunday in the sunny park of the gardeners' festival.

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