Anger of farmers: the Total site in Béziers blocked by men from Rural Coordination 34

Anger of farmers: the Total site in Béziers blocked by men from Rural Coordination 34

Les agriculteurs ont monté le blocage dans la nuit du dimanche 17 mars au lundi 18 mars. Midi Libre – Mélissa Alcoléa

Une vingtaine d'agriculteurs de la Coordination rurale de l'Hérault bloquent le siège social de Total à Béziers depuis ce lundi 18 mars au matin, en solidarité avec leurs collègues qui mènent une opération similaire depuis une semaine à Pau. 

An impressive mountain of tires blocks access to Total buildings, in Béziers, in the Mazeran technopark, this Monday March 18 in the morning. In front of the gate, a few employees remain taken aback… The farmers of the Hérault Rural Coordination explain their approach: "We are here, in support of colleagues who have been blocking the Pau site for a week", specifies Arnaud Poitrine.

"We would need a GNR (non-road diesel, editor's note) capped at 1 € Tax included. A tractor consumes 100 liters per day minimum", continues another activist. "It's not playable, it weighs us down. The goal is to restore profitability to farms. Fishermen have cheaper fuel…" State taxes on non-road diesel are also in the crosshairs.

And to denounce: "Total makes 35 billion profits on everyone's backs. Management had committed to meeting the farmers and that did not happen. We are therefore putting pressure on the group", Arnaud Poitrine further develops. 

"This is a warning"

Tyres, stumps, rubble… during the night, some 40 tonnes of materials were placed in front of the company gates, by around twenty men who intends to take turns to maintain the blockade until further notice. "This is a warning. If we need to block the methanizers, we will do so, until we are heard."  "We are asked to produce organic products, this means more mechanical use!"

Access to the offices is possible for pedestrians. But none of the 130 employees will stay on site. "Safety first, there's no one inside", says a manager before proposing a café for farmers. Teleworking has been implemented. "We are not here to take them hostage but to question Mr. Total", concludes Arnaud Poitrine. The anger of the farmers has not stopped brewing. 

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