Vinocap exhibition in Cap d'Agde: at the time of the inauguration, politicians and institutions play together within a “Vinopack”

Vinocap exhibition in Cap d'Agde: at the time of the inauguration, politicians and institutions play together within a “Vinopack”

Sébastien Frey, 1er adjoint d'Agde, aux côtés du préfet Lauch et d'Armand Rivière (à g.). MIDI LIBRE – MICHEL DESNOS

La 15e édition de Vinocap a ouvert ses portes ce jeudi 9 mai au Cap d’Agde. En présence de milliers de personnes qui ont arpenté les quais du Centre Port en quête de vins locaux.

Two representatives of the State, the prefect of Hérault François Xavier Lauch and the sub-prefect of Béziers Jacques Lucbereilh, two deputies, three senators, as many regional and departmental councilors, without forgetting a host of mayors of l’Agglo Hérault-Médiranée, some of whom we had not seen for some time, rarely inauguration of Vinocap attracted such a basket of local elected officials.

A show that unites energies

Although he has never been named to the podium, there is one who was on everyone's lips at the time of the winemaker's breakfast on Thursday morning: the mayor of Paris. Agde Gilles D’Ettore, currently incarcerated in the so-called clairvoyant affair and whose absence has obviously not gone unnoticed. Which does not prevent local life from following its course and the tourist season from opening with Vinocap, around which elected officials from all sides have displayed rigorous unity in these difficult times for viticulture. "The show was able to unite the energies and stakeholders of the territory alongside the winegrowers" s’is congratulated on the 1st deputy of the city of Agde, Sébastien Frey. "Because viticulture is a part of our identity." < /em>For Armand Rivière, mayor of Pézenas and 1st vice-president of the Agglo, "the message of unity is not here incantation. It’is a real “Vinopack”, which allows us to highlight the beautiful and good things we do."

The arrival of the Prefect ? "a militant act"

An observation also defended by the Caux winegrower Pierre Quinonero, president of the Route des vignerons et des Peschers de l’Agglo, who recognized that the profession &quot ;knew how to be critical, but also grateful. We are very proud of what Vinocap has become." Prefect François-Xavier Lauch described his presence in Cap d’Agde, "d’militant act for our winegrowers. The crisis is intense, climatic and commercial. And what better answer than Vinocap to deal with it ?"

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