Angry bikers, Kalashnikov shots and gas leak, Fair in Nîmes… the main news in the region

Angry bikers, Kalashnikov shots and gas leak, Fair in Nîmes... the main news in the region

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The crowd at the Nîmes Fair

#GARD – From Friday February 23, many visitors took over the approximately 250 stands of the new edition of the Nîmes Fair. Christine and Georges, 75 and 78 years old, have been regulars at the fair for several years. This allowed them to improve their house, like "the bathroom, the gate, the curtains…"< /em> Like them, you can take advantage of the 9,000 square meters of exhibitors, which await you until February 26 at the exhibition center.

Today’s figure:  23.7 million

#LUNEL –This is the sum in millions of euros that could be claimed by the tax authorities from six intermunicipalities making up the Pic et Etangs mixed union (Smepe). The cause: the delegation contract signed by Smepe and Suez in 2022 for waste management. A clause in this contract stipulates "that’in the event of a new tax on the price of energy, Suez re-invoices this contribution to the nearest euro to Smepe& ;quot;. In 2023, the state has created a 90% contribution in case the price of electricity exceeds 145 &euro/MWh. Which was the case. Smepe must therefore pay 23.7 million euros. The elected officials have a meeting with the prefect.

Oysters and picpoul, a marriage of taste

#MEDITERRANEAN – The Thau basin is full of treasures, gastronomic in particular. It is to highlight this rich heritage that the Picpoul de Pinet appellation and the Mediterranean Regional Shellfish Committee have decided to join forces. "C& rsquo;is a taste marriage that has been in the air for 200 years, explains Laurent Thieule, president of the appellation, this nascent flirtation at the ;time of Napoleon III, when our grape variety was served at the table of the Duke of Morny." Today, the romance has become official with this partnership. Since 2023, oysters and picpoul have won joint medals at the Concours général agricole de Paris. This year, for the first time, they are together at the Salon de l’agriculture, in Paris. The two unions will jointly promote their products by organizing a tasting this Sunday, February 25, on the stand of the Hérault Departmental Council. A powerful marriage since Pinet is 11 million bottles in 2023 and Mediterranean oysters some 8,000 tonnes.

Kalashnikov shots and gas leak

#SETE –Very eventful night in Sète, this Friday February 23, near the police station. Around 11 p.m., shots rang out in a residence on rue Paul-Bousquet. On site, the police noticed that the door of one of the ground floor apartments was riddled with large caliber projectiles, which could have come from a Kalashnikov. No casualties have been reported. Upon entering the apartment, the police smelled a strong smell of gas. The origin of the leak is believed to be due to a bullet fired into a pipe. The residents were evacuated. The police remained on site to continue their investigations to find the perpetrator(s) and their motivation.

Technical inspection: the bikers are angry

#MONTPELLIER – Saturday February 24, nearly 200 bikers gathered in front of the Zenith Sud, in Montpellier, to demonstrate their disagreement regarding the technical inspection of motorcycles. "Yes, the decree should come into force on April 15, admits Joël Durand, coordinator of Angry Bikers. But it would not be the first time that a decree has been repealed." At around 2 p.m., the bikers drove towards the prefecture of Hérault to shout their slogan: "We are not cash cows!" For the&rsquo ;time, the decree provides for a technical inspection, mainly visual, every three years and which will cost around 50 €.

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