Archery: two Nîmes players in the World Cup final

Archery: two Nîmes players in the World Cup final

Les archers français, avec Addis (2e en partant de la gauche) et Valladont (4e), et coréens se rencontreront lors de la finale dimanche à Antalya (Turquie). World Archery – Dean Alberga

Members of the Arc club of Nîmes, Jean-Charles Valladont and Baptiste Addis qualified with the French team for the finals of the Turkish World Cup event which is being held this week in Antalya.

For the last international confrontation before Paris, all the countries qualified for the Olympic Games are present in Antalya (Turkey) this week to participate in a World Cup event archery.

Two French finals – South Korea

During the qualifiers this Thursday, June 20, the French men's and women's teams achieved a perfect performance and confirmed their progress in qualifying for the final. On Sunday, they will both face the teams of South Korea, the defending nation of the two previous Olympic titles.

Two archers from the Arc club in Nîmes are part of the French men’s team, the reigning European champion. Associated with Clermontois Thomas Chirault, Jean-Charles Valladont and the young Baptiste Addis qualified directly for the round of 16 after a very good third place during qualifying.

The Chinese eliminated in the semi-finals

In the round of 16, they eliminated Mexico (6-2). In the quarter-final, they dominated the Netherlands (6-0). And in the semi-final, they achieved the feat of beating China (5-3).

"The Chinese will remember this defeat, and so will other nations. The French showed that they were capable of beating the best, rejoices Olivier Grillat, director of the Arc club of Nîmes, present in Antalya. I am not surprised by their performance, I was convinced that they were capable of it. They have made enormous progress in recent months, they had to reveal themselves. They are very strong and they are going to be stronger and stronger. In the final, the Koreans will be favorites but if the French shake them up, if they start with a maximum of 10 to shake them, anything will be possible. One thing is certain: when faced with them, we must not show the slightest sign of weakness."

French women in tune

The French  Lisa Barbelin, Amélie Cordeau and Caroline Lopez, had a string of victories in the first round against Poland (5-1), in the 8th final & nbsp;against Spain (6-0), in the quarter-final against Malaysia (6-2) and, finally, then in the semi-final against India (5-4).

« Never was France managed to place its two recurve teams in the final of a World Cup round, rejoices the French Archery Federation. It’s now done. Thirty-five days before the start of the Olympic events, the French archers demonstrate that they will have to be counted on for Paris. »

Friday June 21, the mixed doubles and individual qualifiers will begin for qualifications for the semi-finals and the final on Sunday June 23.



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