ASBH: with 21 tries scored this season, Raffaele Storti equals a historic Pro D2 record

ASBH: with 21 tries scored this season, Raffaele Storti equals a historic Pro D2 record

Le serial marqueur continue d’impressionner cette saison en Pro D2. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

After a hat-trick, last week against Valence-Romans (56-24), Béziers winger Raffaele Storti scored his 21st try of the season, at Aurillac, just before half-time to allow his team to come back to 17-7.

The record is tied and there will be three regular season matches and potentially two or three more in the final stages for the Portuguese to try to exceed 21 units.

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Mosese Ratuvou, had an exceptional 2013-2014 season, with his club Lyon, big champion with 117 points (25 wins and 5 defeats) and promoted. The Fijian winger achieved this feat in 27 matches, the Portuguese did it in 19 matches.

An impressive season

Raffaele Storti, stood out with Portugal at the World Cup where he scored three tries, including a goal against Fiji in the historic success of the "Lobos& quot;.

Five days after this feat, "Raf'" was back on the pitches of Pro D2, with his friend Samuel Marques, signing a try in a success against Colomiers.

Between November and January, the serial scorer scored an impressive total of 12 tries in 6 matches.

Storti unlocks the ASBH counter in Aurillac

After three Pro D2 matches without scoring, the player on loan from Stade Français found his way back into goal last week in his team's great success against Valence-Romans ( 56-24), with a hat-trick.

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While the Biterrois were being manhandled in Cantal, the Portuguese winger appeared behind the back of his opener Charly Malié, to score in a corner (17-7, 35th).

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