Eurocup: BLMA loses heavily to Besiktas and compromises its chances of qualification

Eurocup: BLMA loses heavily to Besiktas and compromises its chances of qualification

Garance Rabot a maintenu le BLMA en vie dans ce quart de finale. Midi Libre – Michael Esdourrubailh

In the quarter-final first leg of the Eurocup, the Gazelles lost heavily in Turkey. BLMA will need to win by 15 points in the return next week to qualify for the semi-finals.

Too messy in attack and caught in defense, Lattes-Montpellier logically left Istanbul with a defeat (73-59). This setback strongly compromises the club's chances of reaching the last four, before the return match next Thursday.

A performance to forget for the Héraultaises who suffered Istanbul lightning from the start of the match (14-3, 7th). The rest resembles the first quarter with an exceeded BLMA and only 33% shooting despite Rabot's very good game with 21 points (10/14 shooting). A solid final quarter (12-17) allows Lattes-Montpellier to slightly hope for a comeback on the return leg.

However, the evening could be even worse for the Gazelles with the possible unavailability of Jenkins, who was injured in the last quarter.

The technical sheet

Besiktas: 73

BLMA: 59

Besiktas Akatlar Arena (Istanbul).

Quarter time: 21-11, 24-15, 16-16, 12-17.

Referees: Marziali, Hasanov, Lucic.

Besiktas: 27 successful shots out of 67, 13 successful free throws out of 17, 47 rebounds, 16 decisive passes, 5 interceptions, 2 blocks, 15 fouls, 16 bullets lost.

Bayram (14 pts), Evans (16), Krivacevic (12), Lazic (8), Li (6), Nogic (17).

BLMA: 22 successful shots out of 65, 11 successful free throws out of 12, 37 rebounds, 18 decisive passes, 13 interceptions, 0 blocks, 22 fouls, 13 bullets lost.

Naigre (6 pts), Alston (16), Jenkins (5), Rabot (21), Touré (7), Zemoura (2), Brun (2), Djoko, Traoré, Berniès.

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