At the Nîmes Mille Couleurs social center in Pissevin, the children met Princess Triangle

At the Nîmes Mille Couleurs social center in Pissevin, the children met Princess Triangle

Children from Zup Sud spoke with illustrator Gazhole and volunteer Céline Thiébaut. On the right, his traveling bookstore. Free Midi – Axel Dumond

This Wednesday, June 5, Nîmes illustrator Gazhole came to meet children from the Les Mille Couleurs social center, in the Zup Sud. In partnership with the Libr’Air association, eleven girls and boys from the neighborhood discussed one of his children's books with the artist and participated in a workshop.

He was a form. This is the title of the children's book co-created by illustrator Simon Montel, or rather Gazhole, his artist name. Diesel for the mischievous children of the Les Mille Couleurs social center, in Pissevin. This Wednesday, June 5, there are eleven of them, aged 6 to 11, to meet him. Local hillbillies, most of whom attend elementary schools in the Zup sud.

Sitting outside on carpets, Place Léonard de Vinci, they discuss the book with the artist from Nîmes and Céline Thiébaut, from the association Libr’Air. She came with her traveling bookstore, a van converted two years ago.

Diversity and tolerance

For the volunteer, a regular at Mille Couleurs, it's "initiating them to literary diversity""That's what children like", testifies Warda Aib, the’ host. "When things work well we want to invest", notes Céline. Since the beginning of the school year, she has been speaking on certain Wednesday afternoons. With He was a form, the work on the tale. Based on the story, speakers and children evoke  themes like "the freedom to be& quot;, family, diversity and tolerance.

The book, where the characters are shapes (square, round…), talks about a princess. It’s called Triangle. Her parents forbid her from marrying a rounded shape. After half an hour of interactions on the story, the children return to the leisure center. Make way for scissors, glue and other colored papers to create a family tree…hellip; geometric.

A literary project funded by the City

Céline observes the illustrator going around the tables. Since last year, they have been running workshops together in primary schools or media libraries at Mas de Ville, in Caveirac and in Brignon. & quot;I think the artist is enjoying himself." Simon confirms. "Children have an interesting perception." "There is a kind of logic in getting in touch with the public of our books", continues the Nîmes native, who returned to his hometown after living in Paris.

This fun and educational project, between Les mille couleurs, Libr’Air and Gazhole, is financed by the City of Nîmes. At the end, as always, a book will be given to the children of Pissevin. For this last session of the school year, Céline will give them each Simon's album, costing 20 euros.

At the Espace Léon-Vergnole in Pissevin, the exhibition “What kind are you”? is dedicated to posters by teenagers from the Les mille couleurs social center. They created front covers of the album Il était une forme, by the artists Gazhole and Cruschiform. I subscribe to read the rest

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