Automobile: Pablo Sarrazin caught the family virus

Automobile: Pablo Sarrazin caught the family virus

Au volant de sa 208 RC4, programme chargé en 2024 pour Pablo Sarrazin.

Sarrazin junior, qui participera en fin de semaine au Rallye Terre des Causses, performe en coupe Stellantis. Âgé de 18 ans, le pilote de Barjac est déterminé à se faire un prénom.

Barjacois Pablo Sarrazin, just 18 years old, is starting a busy season at the wheel of a 208 RC4, as part of the family structure. After a remarkable first performance at the Rallye du Touquet, for a moment leading the Stellantis Cup, he will find himself at the start of the Rallye Terre des Causses at Capdenac (Aveyron) at the end of the week.

In the footsteps of grandfather René and father Stéphane

Seeing him compete in the rallies of France and Navarre at such a young age is not surprising. Motor racing is in the family genes. René, the grandfather, was an excellent hill climb and rally driver, regularly on the podiums. Stéphane, his father, has an impressive track record. From single-seaters (driver for Minardi in F1) to the 24 hours of Le Mans (three podiums with Peugeot, two with Toyota) via rallies (French champion in 2004), the now chief d&rsquo ;écurie covered the issue.

First rallying skills at 16, in Latvia!

Pablo Sarrazin started with karting, at the age of 14, with a real season in 2021 and a fifth place in the French championship. At the same time, he made his debut in rallying in Latvia, at the age of 16! "In this country, he explains, you can ride from the age of 16. I finished first in the R2 category with a 208, during my second participation." He then competed in Formula 4, first in the French championship then within’ rsquo;a Spanish team, in the European Championship (10th in Monza).

3rd at Le Touquet in Stellantis cup and 1st junior

"With my main sponsor, KCMG, we have now decided to devote ourselves more assiduously to the rally", specifies the Cévennes driver. After test gallops last year at the Rallye du Var (5th place in Stellantis), Sarrazin junior is taking the plunge this season.
Very quickly, at the beginning of March, at the Rallye du Touquet, he proved that he was going to have to be reckoned with, with a third place in Stellantis (208 RC4, Sarrazin Motorsport).

Automobile: Pablo Sarrazin caught the family virus

Pablo Sarrazin (right) and his co-driver Geoffrey Combe hope to do well in the Stellantis Cup.

"The first day, he says, with complicated weather and a lot of rain, we were in the lead but I made a mistake at night. We lost a minute in the story. But with Geoffrey Combe, my co-driver, we were determined not to give up. The next day, we moved up to second place but, hampered by a competitor in the final special, we finished in third position and first juniors."

A busy 2024 season

This 2024 season promises to be busy. « We compete for the Stellantis Cup because the carrot is tempting, with the possibility of one day racing in Rally2. Furthermore, this one-make cup mixes dirt and asphalt rallies, allowing you to prepare for the high level. At the same time, I hope to participate in three circuit events, with the aim of becoming tougher, concludes Pablo Sarrazin, visibly determined to make a name for himself.

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