Basketball: Frontignan La Peyrade gives itself the right to still dream of N3

Basketball: Frontignan La Peyrade gives itself the right to still dream of N3

The Muscatiers achieved a superb end to the match. FREE NOON – E.R.

The FLPB won 89-77 this Sunday, February 25 against Montauban BC.

This is a judicious update carried out by the Frontignanais-Lapeyradois. By making this winning comeback, they are still in the race for accession to N3, even if the end of the mission remains very complicated. The Montalbanais, with the least prolific attack of the group, resisted for a long time before giving in to a team pushed by its audience.

A decisive fourth quarter

The visitors led at the break despite a very successful start to the Muscat match with four three-point baskets in less than three minutes. The premises then fell apart while the Tarn-et-Garonnais grew bolder. At the end of the 3rd quarter, the advantage was still Montalbanais, a moment chosen by a team on the edge of the precipice to take a big step back (57-60).

For Stéphane Olivieri, it was the long-awaited trigger: « We had an exceptional end to the match on both sides of the floor. It’s a victory that does us good and gets us back on level terms. This is the kind of match that should encourage us for the future ».

With three successes for as many defeats, the FLPB settles at the foot of the podium in the company of Saint-Gély, winner the day before of Basket Club Ossunois, its opponent next Saturday.< /p> I subscribe to read more

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