Basketball: the Frontignanais bring down leader Cugnaux at home

Basketball: the Frontignanais bring down leader Cugnaux at home

Une bonne préparation avant la finale de la Coupe de l’Hérault.

Les hommes de Stéphane Olivieri se sont imposés 92-90 ce samedi 27 avril.

The Haut-Garonnais of Cugnaux, fighting with the Héraultais of the CTC Ouest-Montpellier-Métropole, certainly did not expect it. A short distance from the port, more precisely from the accession to Nationale 3, a slight damage actually disrupted their progress. It was this Saturday in the Roger-Arnaud room and this unforeseen defeat on their roadmap revives the championship with two days to go.

Eye to eye

Stéphane Olivieri, at the end of the match, was a happy coach: « I am proud of my players. We made a very good team doubt in the last quarter. By increasing our defensive intensity a notch, we were able to disrupt it at the right time. Previously, it was eye to eye that we wanted to confront him ».

The Frontignanais thus place themselves back in the first half of the ranking. It is now in Nîmes, from next Saturday, that they will focus on preparing for the final on May 11 , in the Coupe de l’Hérault against Montpellier. An opponent who, thanks to the victory of the FLPB, returns to equal points with JS Cugnalaise…

Prenational: FLPB/JS Cugnaux Basket 92-90. I subscribe to read more

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