Beach handball: Benjamin Gallego, an active retiree

Beach handball: Benjamin Gallego, an active retiree

Beach handball: Benjamin Gallego, an active retiree

Benjamin Gallego aimerait bien participer à un troisième Euro et à des premiers JO.

Tout juste retiré des parquets professionnels, l’ancien Usamiste prolonge le plaisir sur le sable, en lice avec l’équipe de France de beach handball qui prépare les qualifications à l’Euro 2025.

On May 31, on the evening of a defeat in Nantes (32-36) with Usam Nîmes, at the end of Starligue, Benjamin Gallego, 35 years old , definitely stopped dribbling on the court and dropped the glue on the sneakers.

If his career as a high-level sportsman ended on the court, another continues…hellip; on the sand, the Nîmes being a French international beach handball player. ''I was at the very beginning of the adventure, he recalls, the discipline having seen the light of day in 2016 in France. Afterwards, I stopped a bit because of the injuries. But, for me, the beach is really good. I have already done two European Championships.''

''The beach, we will say that it’s the spirit a little more club'&amp ;#39;

From July 11 to 14, in Varna (Bulgaria), the French team, coached by Patrick Teyssier and former Usamist Paul Mourioux, will try to qualify for the continental meeting in 2025, also planned in Bulgaria.

''At the beginning of June, we did a training camp in Frankfurt, where we played (and lost) against Germany, the European vice-champion who is preparing for the World Cup', sums up Gallego, who identifies with the values ​​advocated by this sport: ''The beach, let's say that it's a bit more of a club spirit. There's mutual support, everyone is there for each other. You have to wash your swimsuits in the evening, there aren't many prizes… I also like it because you stay in the competition, while changing a bit from handball. It allows you to clear your head. And, physically, in the sand, it's hot, it goes fast, it's spectacular (2 x 10-minute matches).''

With goalkeeper Tabarand, the only Starligue player

A show that the general public will be able to discover at the end of July in Paris. Indeed, for the first time in its existence, beach handball will be a demonstration sport at the Games. So, impatient to be there, the Nîmes ? ''Already, I have to be in the group, he tempers. There will only be eight selected (compared to thirteen in Bulgaria). Among the pros, there is also Arnaud Tabarand, the goalkeeper of Cesson (D1). Otherwise, these are mainly players who play in N1, N2 or N3.''

The All Stars arrive in Paris

This Olympic event, entitled ‘’IHF Beach Handball Showcase’’, will be held at the headquarters of the French Federation, in Créteil, from 27 to 29& nbsp;July. A tournament during which the Blues will face three All Stars teams, formed by the best beach players in the world.
Perhaps (without doubt ?) one more memory to come in the sporting life of Benjamin Gallego, who intends to succeed in a few more “360” and score goals as a “specialist’’ (player replacing the goalkeeper) on the continental beaches: ''I told myself that I was going to the Euro next season.& #39;' All the more reason to qualify on the Bulgarian sand.

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