Big clearance sale for local residents

Big clearance sale for local residents

Big clearance sale for local residents

Rachida at the heart of the clearance sale.

Open Table organized a large clothing sale in its courtyard, the majority of which came from donations. " We didn't really communicate about this event, because we mainly targeted residents of the Richelieu and Gambetta districts in need, and people registered with the association, with all low prices. We also thought of children with stuffed animals, specifies Rachida, who has been working within the association since February 1 as a mediator.

With her background in HR (Human Resources) in the Paris region where she worked previously, the young woman, through Open Table, helps and supports parents having difficulty asserting their rights with institutions such as the Caf, when looking for a job or finding accommodation.

And then, to meet the demands of women, jealous of men having a barber service every Monday afternoon, the young woman set out to find a hairdresser. After having visited most of the Nîmes salons without success, she knocked on the door of the La Ruche des Mèches hairdressing school. Sylvie Velete, the manager of the center, is seduced by the project: she offers Table Ouverte, for women, one afternoon per month, a free blow-dry in a hair salon. "It's a real human adventure!", rejoices Rachida.

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