Biterrois Julien Siau on pole for selection for the French parkour team

Biterrois Julien Siau on pole for selection for the French parkour team

Biterrois Julien Siau on pole for selection for the French parkour team

Julien Siau, ici à gauche, et ses partenaires ont brillé à Voiron.

Vainqueur de la première manche de la Coupe de France de parkour, le Biterrois Julien Siau se place idéalement pour une sélection en équipe de France.

Competing for the first round of the French parkour cup (under the aegis of the French gymnastics federation), Biterrois Julien Siau brought home the gold medal from Voiron, in Rhône Alpes. 

Engaged under the colors of the Béziers club, "Panther's Parkour Béziers", he participated in the performance category + 18 years old. He had to perform a 30-second sequence with as many saltos as possible. To maximize his number of points, he had to respect several criteria. Among them: no stopping in the movement, sustained rhythm and assured landings.

A very tough competition

His appearance on Sunday afternoon convinced the jury. Which allowed him to finish in first place in his category. “I'm very happy because it's the first official parkour competition that I'm doing, rejoices Julien Siau. It’s great for me and for the Occitanie committee which is working hard. Especially since I was almost the oldest participant because there were many young people between 18 and 21 years old. Formidable competitors who are in sport studies and who do it thoroughly. The line-up was very strong with around thirty participants from all over France, which is enormous. There were even some from Metz and Ajaccio

This competition is the first of three rounds of the Coupe de France. The next one will take place on March 16 and 17 in Nogent-sur-Oise, in the Paris region. After these three stages, the grand final will be held on 28, 29 and June 30, the location is not yet defined. The best athletes will be selected to represent the French team at the parkour world championships at the FISE (international extreme sports festival) in Montpellier.

A goal that the Biterrois now sets for himself: "I am very motivated by the idea of participating, I will do everything to free myself, even if it&# 39;s complicated with my work. I will work a lot to be able to put on a good performance, get the podium and be selected for the world championships."

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