Bloody wedding, new shooting in Montpellier, 100% local baguette… the essential news in the region

Bloody wedding, new shooting in Montpellier, 100% local baguette... the essential news in the region

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Langues régionales : le plaidoyer de la Région

#OCCITANIE –Following the call of the collective “So that our languages ​​live”, many citizens gathered today in several towns in Occitanie and France to reiterate their attachment to the defense and teaching of regional languages. Carole Delga, president of the Occitanie Region, took this opportunity to give them her support: " These regional languages ​​are alive and constitute riches for us that must be maintained. A national treasure, nuggets of French heritage as proclaimed by our Constitution in article 75-1. In 2021, thanks to MP Paul Molac, the law of the Republic finally recognized these languages ​​of France and made the generalization of their teaching the norm. In Occitania, we voted in December 2022 for an ambitious plan in favor of Catalan and Occitan and are continuing our action in favor of their preservation and recognition. We are today determined to work with the State to promote the immersive teaching of regional languages, whether in public or voluntary schools. I challenged the President of the Republic in this regard the day after the partial censorship of the Constitutional Council on the Molac Law. Because we know, the immersion teaching method is recognized as effective for learning all languages, as proven by the development of international classes in our high schools. Let’s stop opposing the local to the universal! Occitan and Catalan are two languages ​​of France, two among many others which today underpin the republican universalism that we all cherish. Today is the time to give them the place they deserve."

A 100% local baguette is born in Nîmes

#GARD – This is a 100% local agricultural sector which has just been launched in Gard, this Saturday June 1, in the Fontaine gardens in Nîmes. This project, led by a collective of farmers, storage workers, millers and bakers, will give birth to a baguette, called La Belle Gardoise and which will see the light of day in October 2025. "We're looking forward to this wand…", explains Jean-Pierre Passagas, from the Sauret mill in Hérault, who will make the flour intended for the creation of bread, because there is no longer a mill in Gard today. The first grains of wheat from La Bella Gardoise will only be sown this fall. Already, the bakers of Gard are ready to "make the best baguette in the world".

The number of the day: 18

#REGION – This is the number of positions opened by Social Security in the region. Social Security is (almost) a company like any other: it too knows the benefit of work-study programs, which make it possible to train employees while benefiting from their skills. The public body is offering 18 contracts for its agencies in Toulouse, Foix, Auch, Perpignan, Carcassonne, Narbonne and Montauban. The positions concerned range from management controller to accounting technician, from HR assistant to communications manager. To apply|:

Marriage turns into drama

#TARN-ET-GARONNE –Amazement this Saturday March 1 in the small town of Faudoas, in Tarn-et-Garonne. Around 11:30 a.m., a wedding was to be celebrated in the town hall of this town of 298 inhabitants. As the bridal procession headed towards City Hall, a fight broke out between several wedding guests. According to the first elements of the investigation, the father of the bride refused to marry his daughter. He allegedly attacked his future son-in-law by stabbing him seven times. Taken care of by emergency services, the future groom was hospitalized. His vital prognosis was not in jeopardy. Firefighters also helped two other injured people who were more lightly injured. On Saturday, the investigation began to determine the circumstances of the tragedy.

New shooting in Montpellier

#MISCELLANEOUS FACTS – A new shooting broke out in the Les Cévennes residence, in Montpellier, on the night of Friday May 31 at June 1st. Witnesses noted around ten detonations, shortly before midnight. The neighborhood being the scene of a turf war against a backdrop of drug trafficking, the police quickly went to the scene. There, they discovered a 16-year-old young man, from Béziers, with gunshot wounds to the ankle and thigh. He was hospitalized in Montpellier with a life-threatening prognosis. According to the testimony of a local resident, there were four perpetrators of this new homicide attempt in this city renowned for its drug trafficking. Carrying long weapons, they fled on foot through the city. They are actively sought.

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