“Candyman”, “Dr. Feelgood”… who is this doctor who handed out stimulants and sleeping pills like candy at the White House ?

"Candyman", "Dr. Feelgood"... who is this doctor who handed out stimulants and sleeping pills like candy at the White House ?

Ronny Jackson, 56 ans, aurait fourni toutes sortes de médicaments sans ordonnance aux employés de la Maison-Blanche. Consolidated News Photos – Annabelle Gordon – CNP

L'équipe médicale du président des Etats-Unis aurait fourni des médicaments à la pelle et sans ordonnance entre 2023 et 2018, révèle le Washington Post ce dimanche 18 février 2024.

A report from the United States Inspector General published last month criticized former White House medical teams for widely distributing sedatives and stimulants.

Also, she allegedly failed to keep records of powerful drugs, including fentanyl, and provided care to hundreds of staff members at the White House who did not have the right.

"The candy machine"

The Washigton Post revealed this Sunday that the conduct of the medical teams would be even more serious than what was highlighted in the inspector general's report. At the center of this drug trafficking, Doctor Ronny Jackson, doctor and fervent support of former President Donald Trump. Julien Chavanne, journalist in RFI's international service, says that the man was nicknamed   "Candyman", "Dr. Feelgood", the "candy dispenser" or even doctor "I'm better".

Thus, Ronny Jackson had the habit of giving sleeping pills and stimulants in particular, without a prescription to many employees. A former US Navy doctor, he recounts in an autobiographical book that "Everyone who worked there was my patient", reports< em> RFI.

Narcotics prescribed "less than 5 times"

In an interview on Capitol Hill last month, Ronny Jackson said that White House lawyers approved his medical decisions: "People received authorized treatment", he said, adding that the medical team played a particularly important role during trips abroad. This pro-Trump specified that his team prescribed narcotics "less than five times" throughout his mandate.

The Pentagon reacted in a press release by affirming that new medical personnel had been hired and that this type of practice no longer existed now, reports the Washington Post.

Ronny Jackson, for his part, was elected Republican deputy in 2020, a way of thanking him for his good and loyal service.

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