Cap d'Agde: at Papagayo, Lamiaa cocktails delight customers

Cap d'Agde: at Papagayo, Lamiaa cocktails delight customers

Un projet famillial et chaleureux pour Éric, Lamiaa et leur fils Aaron. MIDI LIBRE – OLIVIER RAYNAUD

Avec son mari Éric, ils exploitent une adresse sympa située sur le quai des joutes.

This is what also makes the charm of Cap d’Agde : strolling along the quays, moving away from the nerve centers of the resort to discover pretty small addresses away from the hustle and bustle.

On the jousting quay, since the end of covid, Papagayo is one of those places where we like to linger for a drink. On what was a wasteland just a few years ago, Éric Bobille and his wife Lamiaa have built an establishment that resembles them: warm and smiling.

A cocktail menu full of surprises

After the Île des Loisirs, he owned two businesses in the past, the Bobby’s and the Double Five, the couple downsized by settling very close to the marina. An invitation to take your time and taste the Lamiaa cocktails, which have made the reputation of the place. "I was trained by a French champion and a world champion", the boss likes to recall, who offers a thirty cocktails, from the most classic to the most original, from his imagination. "Here, it’s clearly the flagship product", adds Éric, a bit admiringly, he who also brings his stone in the building.

A trained butcher and charcutier, he pays particular attention to the choice of meats in particular, which can be eaten alone or with others. A requirement that he has carried around throughout his professional life, from Paris to Saint-Tropez, from Marrakech to Cap d’Agde today. It is he who most often works in the kitchen, which seems to satisfy an essentially tourist clientele – "unfortunately, few Agathois come to us", regrets Éric –, who sometimes returns several times during the week , which is generally a good sign. Tapas, a few pizzas and good ice creams complete the offering of this small address, which also shows artists two to three times a week in summer.

This Tuesday evening, it’s obviously the semi-final of the Euro, France – Spain, which is on the menu on the big screen. And if you're once again snoozing in front of the numbing game of the Blues, order a pick-me-up shaken by Lamiaa. Effect “wow” guaranteed!

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