Hachette publishes its guide “A great weekend” on Nîmes and its surroundings

Hachette publishes its guide “A great weekend” on Nîmes and its surroundings

Le city guide d’Hachette à retrouver dans les librairies.

En ce début de haute saison touristique, Hachette vient de publier son guide "Un grand week-end" sur Nîmes.

Hachette has just published its city guide "A great weekend" in Nîmes and its surroundings, to be found in bookstores at the price of 10.95 €.

Throughout the pages, readers will be able to discover the must-sees (arenas, Maison Carrée, cathedral, Halles, Carré d’art, the Expo de ouf !, the museum of Romanity, but also the oppidum of Nages, the abbey church of Saint-Gilles, the Pont du Gard), the favorite addresses of our fellow journalists Jean-Pierre Michel and Caroline Solano (La Gazette) "for a journey from Antiquity to the present day".

Unique experiences

Lovers of unique experiences will be able to get some ideas such as swimming facing the Pont du Gard. The guide travels to different areas of the city center with, each time, good tips, practical information (addresses of restaurants, bistros, shops), talks about starred chefs and a walk in the Costières de Nîmes vineyards .

The Fountain Gardens are not forgotten, just like the Maison Carrée, the contemporary architecture of Carré d’art, the most beautiful terraces, the best culinary specialties, without forgetting the escapades in the surroundings of Nîmes (Saint-Gilles, Vaunage, Pont du Gard).

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