Cap d'Agde: installation of cameras, presence of the municipal police this summer… a change in security at the naturist village

Cap d'Agde: installation of cameras, presence of the municipal police this summer... a change in security at the naturist village

Le village naturiste et ses 40000 résidents en été, un espace sensible à contrôler. MIDI LIBRE – MICHEL DESNOS/PILOTE GERARD GRILLET

L’onde de choc des récentes affaires qui ont entaché l’image du quartier a débouché sur plusieurs mesures prises par la Ville.

There was a time not so long ago when they were distributed freely and in large numbers by the merchants of the naturist village to their most loyal customers. While access to the neighborhood is regulated for everyone, the sponsorship cards are a key for all those, naturists or not, who want to have a good time on the other side of the barrier, time a lunch, an aperitif or more if you like.

A neighborhood shaken by business

These famous sponsorship cards have therefore become a rare commodity this year. The City has in fact decided to restore order to the system and better control the comings and goings within the “magical village”, whose magic has taken a hit in recent months.
We think in particular of the case of the three municipal security agents accused of physical and verbal violence and racist remarks against a business manager of Brazilian origin , victim of a broken ankle a year ago. The trial will be held on Friday June 7. This week, in the affair of the clairvoyant Sophia Martinez and the mayor of Agde Gilles D’Ettore, we learned of the indictment of one of Sophia's relatives, employed as manager of the barrier of the naturist village between the months of April 2023 and March 2024. A hiring which is, to say the least, disorderly considering what we know today, especially since the responsibility of 25 agents attached solely to the security of the naturist village is not a small task, in any case not an amateur affair.

A police station within the "natu" ?

Here again, the municipality took its responsibilities. By appointing the city's usual security coordinator on site, but also by making the decision to maintain a 24-hour presence this summer of a municipal police patrol at the entrance and in the naturist district. A first, knowing "that the security agents, who are authorized to check access, do not however have any police powers", recalls the security assistant Jérôme Bonnafoux, who don’t stop there.

During the various public meetings of the neighborhood committees, it was also announced that six video protection cameras would be deployed in June within the grounds of the naturist village, which will bring their number to 116 number in the municipality. A first again, pending the possible creation of a seasonal police station at “natu” for the summer months, a project which is however subject to the agreement of the supervisory authorities in this matter.

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