Car show in Béziers, where is the electric ?

Car show in Béziers, where is the electric ?

Lors du salon, plus de 150 véhicules seront exposés. Archives – ML

Du 1er au 3 juin, le salon de l'automobile ouvre ses portes au parc des expositions de Béziers. Mis en place par Midi Libre, l'évènement réunit une dizaine de concessionaires, de nombreux stands et plus de 150 véhicules.

The auto, eco-mobility and utility show opens its doors in Béziers from Saturday June 1 to Monday June 3, at the exhibition center. Organized by Midi Libre and bringing together more than 20 brands, electric will be in the spotlight during the event.

How is the automobile market doing in Béziers and what expectations do participants have for this show ?

For the Renault, Dacia and Alpine dealership, sales have been mainly of electric and hybrid models for three years. "The market, it’s cyclical. He has always experienced ups and downs", shares Jean-Marc Nin, director of the Béziers dealership.

As for "EDR automobiles Béziers", it’s also electric which dominates. With almost 90% of sales being electric vehicles, the year looks set to be fruitful. "We're having a very good start to the year to be honest", rejoices Zoran Despas, head of sales at the dealership.

"We expect a lot from this show"

Despite the stability of the market, this show is promising for distributors. More than an exhibition of their new models, it is an opportunity to provide a significant boost. "We expect a lot from this show. Without that we wouldn't make as many sales, says the president of the Renault dealership. He will be present during the three days to present the entire Renault/Dacia range as well as three Alpines.

For "EDR automobile Béziers", this is also an opportunity to be seized. "If we manage to expose everything we want, it can be a great communication move", confides the sales manager . He will also be on site during the three days of the event where the group will present between 8 and 10 new models as well as around twenty second-hand models.

The program:

From June 1 to 3, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday then, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday, here is the layout of the 3 halls. ;nbsp;:

The first will have a media platform made up of different experts. Stands from parallel businesses from Béziers will be present. Restaurant, snack bar as well as a bar managed by "La Gorge Fraiche" will remain available to visitors.

The second hall will be dedicated for the first time to used vehicles.

Finally, the last hall will present new vehicles and the latest models on sale.

Entertainments to satisfy young and old are also to be expected throughout the event, including a pedal kart circuit.

4 euros entry valid for 3 days. Free entry for under 18s if accompanied. Info:

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