Casino transfer: find out which stores are becoming Intermarché and Netto, with a 15% price drop

Casino transfer: find out which stores are becoming Intermarché and Netto, with a 15% price drop

64 magasins Casino deviendront des Intermarché ou Netto d'ici à la fin du mois de mai. ILLUSTRATION MAXPPP – SEBASTIEN NOGIER

La liste des 64 enseignes Casino qui vont être transformées en Intermarché ou Netto à partir de ce jeudi 16 mai vient d’être dévoilée. Parmi elles, cinq se trouvent en Occitanie.

A new change in the daily lives of the French is brewing. After a first wave of sales of Casino stores to the Les Mousquetaires group last October, sixty-four new brands are preparing to become Intermarché or Netto.

Five brand changes in Occitanie

This Thursday, March 16, thirty-five points of sale will reopen under new colors, and twenty-nine others will follow on May 30. The details of the brands concerned and revealed by our colleagues at Capital, and can be consulted from this link.

In Occitanie, five stores are affected by this change of banner. As of May 16, the stores in Bolquère and Canet-en-Roussillon are transformed into Intermarché and that of Fleurance becomes a Netto. After May 23, the Perpignan store becomes an Intermarché. Only the Alès store was transformed into Netto from this date.

This opening of around sixty additional points of sale is part of a much larger operation. In one year, Thierry Cotillard, the boss of the Mousquetaires, aims to transform no less than 294 stores bought from the Casino group – forced to sell all of these hypermarkets and supermarkets – for an investment of 1.35 billion euros.

Average price drop of 15%

The results of the first wave of transformation of Casino stores into Intermarché seem promising. "After a few months of opening, the 58 stores recorded growth in their turnover of 12.7 % on average", indicates the boss of the Mousquetaires Thierry Cotillard, in the columns of our colleagues from Capital.

The reasons for this success: an aggressive pricing policy with prices on average 15% cheaper than those charged by Casino. We will see if this strategy will continue to appeal to consumers in the long term, and if the future Intermarché and Netto stores will experience the same success.

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