Caught stealing bikes and a scooter: several arrests in different districts of Montpellier

Caught stealing bikes and a scooter: several arrests in different districts of Montpellier

Les mis en cause, dans ces vols ou tentative de vol de vélo, ont été interpellés dans différents quartiers de Montpellier. Midi Libre – RICHARD DE HULLESSEN

Près de l’hôtel de ville, du stade de rugby, ou encore dans le quartier Lemasson : plusieurs voleurs de vélos ou de trottinette ont été interpellés ces derniers jours par la police nationale.

It was a security agent from the town hall who caught him in the act: Monday May 27, around 8 a.m., Place Georges-Frêche, in front of the building. Montpellier town hall, a 64-year-old man was trying to saw off the lock of a bicycle. The national police were alerted. It turned out that this Georgian national was carrying a knife and was also in an irregular situation on French territory. He was taken to the administrative detention center (CRA) in Sète.

The same day, at 8:40 p.m., it was on avenue du Mondial-de-Rugby, Ovalie district, that a man 51 year old was trying to tear off the chain that protected a bicycle. Already known to the police for acts of the same nature, he was placed in police custody and is the subject of a summons to appear in court.

Theft of saddle, wheel…

A little later in the evening, rue Jules-Ferry, in front of Saint-Roch station, a 40-year-old individual was found in possession of several bicycle parts (saddle, wheel), but also a knife and a bank card which was not in his name. He was brought back on Tuesday May 28, following his custody.

Finally, on May 28 around 9:55 p.m., it was a 61-year-old Romanian who was arrested when he had cut the cable safety of a scooter, boulevard Pedro-de-Luna, in the Lemasson district. He was taken into police custody and the stolen machine was returned to its owner.

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