Chemicals, bacteria, viruses… why should you wash new clothes ?

Chemicals, bacteria, viruses... why should you wash new clothes ?

Pourquoi faut-il laver les vêtements neufs ?

Before putting on your new sweatshirt or the pants you just bought yourself, remember to wash them. Here’s why it’s important.

Whatever the origin of the clothing you have just purchased, remember to put it in the washing machine before putting it on for the first time. Even if it looks nice and clean, it’s just an impression. Indeed, it most certainly contains substances that you would not like to stick to your skin.

Chemical substances

Ready-to-wear manufacturers use numerous chemicals to manufacture and then treat their products in order to improve their flexibility or reduce wrinkles. Many new clothes contain volatile organic compounds. The latter are polluting substances found in indoor air and some of which are considered carcinogenic. This is particularly the case for acetaldehyde.

A study conducted by researchers at Stockholm University in Sweden in 2014 found that synthetic clothing, polyester in particular, frequently contained quinoline. This substance is used to dye clothes. Now the S. Environmental Protection Agency has classified it as a potential carcinogen. Not to mention that most allergic contact dermatitis caused by clothing is triggered by dye residue.

Organic substances

New clothes are also the breeding ground for many pathogens. From their manufacture to their display in the store, they are touched by many, many people. Which can unintentionally deposit bacteria, fungi or even viruses on the fabric. These clothes may also have been tried on by many other customers before being purchased. All the more reason to wash your latest purchase before putting it on!

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