Clément Bessaguet third in the World Cup in Munich

Clément Bessaguet third in the World Cup in Munich

Christian Reitz and Clément Bessaguet are inseparable. MAXPPP – Sebastian Borowski

Montpellier continues its preparation for the Olympic Games with a new podium.

Clément Bessaguet, world number 1 in 2023, is in good shape.

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Two months before the Olympics in France – the shooting events will be held in Châteauroux – the Montpellier native took third place in the Olympic Speed ​​World Cup (pistol, 25m) in Munich.

The Chinese Li Yuehong (1st), reigning world champion, and the German Christian Reitz (2nd), Olympic champion in Rio (2016), complete the podium.

Early July in Germany

Early July, all the shooters will return to Germany for the last competition before the Games.

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