There are fifty residents taking gym and stretching classes

There are fifty residents taking gym and stretching classes

Les membres de l’association réunis autour des galettes.

Créée en 1975 par Geneviève Maynard, l’association de gymnastique volontaire a fait son chemin. "Originally, I did not hold the facilitator diploma required for us to be able to join the French Federation for Physical Education and Voluntary Gymnastics (FFEGPV) , she explains. But I have since obtained it. Thus, since 2005, we have been a member of this federation."

Along the way, "small association has become big" can we say. "When it was created, we had around twenty members, details Geneviève Maynard, and today, there are fifty of us, and we practice five hours of weekly classes, divided between maintenance gymnastics and stretching."

In the unanimous opinion of the members, "the atmosphere of the club could not be more cordial and relaxed &quot ;.

To maintain the link between members outside of hours devoted to sport, the La Cigale association organizes two festive events: the galette des rois and a meal taken from the bag on the site, during which everyone brings something to eat. restore and share it.

At the end of the week, these athletes were surprised "the pancake in hand& quot; in all good humor. Gluttony, a nasty fault ? Come on!

" Many members are local residents, notes the host of the association, but our association is open to all, and we would be happy to welcome newcomers and make ourselves known to our fellow citizens."

So, for those who are tempted, classes take place in the municipal hall of La Cigale, chemin de l'Auberge-de-Jeunesse, in the afternoon -noon, every week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

All information on the voluntary gymnastics association on 06 78 93 88 81.

Midi Libre Correspondent: 06 64 75 53 90

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