Cléomes: one year already, it’s worth celebrating!

Cléomes: one year already, it’s worth celebrating!

A moment of sharing within the residence.

Residents gather.

What a nice little party this meeting of a group of residents from the hamlet of Cléomes, in La Courondelle. Gathered to share a cake decorated with a candle, they wanted to mark their first year of presence in this "hamlet". Opened in May 2023, it is made up of 24 villas, grouped around a vast airy space where everyone meets, greets, helps each other, invites each other to get to know each other and build projects to liven up the residence.

A pleasant neighborhood to live in

Thanks to its calm, its greenery, but above all its spirit of exchanges and sharing, we learn to better know and appreciate our neighbors and our environment. In the same spirit and in the same spirit, the inhabitants of the Poumeyrac-Cure-Courondelle district are organizing the Neighbors' Day at the Frédéric-Mistral center on May 31. We will gather again, in the hamlet of Cléomes, around a pizza party, on June 16.

Correspondent Midi Libre 06 62 58 43 20.

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