Clermont-MHSC: “No firecrackers, only big boys”, Montpellier supporters impeccable this Sunday in the stands

Clermont-MHSC: “No firecrackers, only big boys”, Montpellier supporters impeccable this Sunday in the stands

Des centaines de supporters montpelliérains ont investi les tribunes du stade Gabriel-Montpied. MAXPPP – Thierry LARRET

Montpellier HSC traveled to the Gabriel-Montpied stadium this Sunday to face Clermont Foot. The opportunity for MHSC supporters to show off their best after the distressing "firecracker affair" in the first leg. 

For this very important poster for Clermont and the MHSC (1-1), the tone was immediately set in the stands on both sides. A face-to-face encounter on the pitch but also in the aisles of a well-stocked Gabriel-Montpied, where the Clermont ultras were facing hundreds of Montpellier supporters.

After its last two successes in a row against Le Havre (0-2) then against Lorient (0-2), Montpellier counted on obtaining a new victory away from home, to breathe new life into the red zone, and reaffirm its status with its competitors Nantes and Strasbourg, both winners this weekend.

Great heat

To believe it, nothing better than counting on the essential mobilization of Montpellier supporters, all of whom came to galvanize Michel Der Zakarian's troops.

"We're at home, we're at home !"

Despite a blazing blazing sun, the visitor parking and counter parking organized on a pair of rows of the Volcano stand were full.

Caps as headgear, t-shirts attached, in this time of summer smells, the Montpellier supporters accompanied the Montpellier HSC players throughout the meeting, who did not fail to come and greet them, guided by their captain Téji Savanier.

During the deployment of a tifo before the kick-off of the match, the Montpellier supporters chanted for long seconds "We are with us! We're at home!"

Special reunions

This meeting between these two teams at the bottom of the table obviously recalled the nightmare of the first leg at La Mosson, last October, with "the’firecracker affair".

Beyond the far from warm reunion granted to a mocking Mory Diaw in the face of insults, the Montpellier parking lot was especially keen to order the many hot spirits to avoid any possible action that could lead to a new catastrophe.

"No firecrackers, only big boys", a supporter chanted loudly Montpellier with attentive parking. In the end, after a great atmosphere and a few smoke bombs deployed, the two teams parted with a score of parity (1-1).

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