Cohesion course in Lunel for the French Olympic epee team

Cohesion course in Lunel for the French Olympic epee team

Lauren Rembi (2e à gauche) est remplacée par Alexandra Louis-Marie qui ne figure pas sur la photo.

L’Escrime Pays de Lunel accueille pendant une semaine, dès lundi, l’équipe féminine.

When, in 2021, the city of Pescalune won the Terre de jeux label, it could have stopped there. This was without counting on David Maillard and his network. Indeed, the founder of the Escrime Pays de Lunel (EPL) club, Paralympic champion, bearer of the Olympic flame, had in mind to bring Olympism to Lunel. This will be done this Monday with the reception of the French women's epee team for a week of preparatory training for the Olympics.

< i>"All this was done through the friendships forged with the Federation. It turns out that Laura Flessel, former Minister of Sports who came to Lunel, is president of the women's epee commission. Hervé Faget, the coach of the French team, was also our coach in 2007 when we both won the European Championships individually. But it was above all the meeting in 2023 with Bernard Boulard, vice-president of the women's epee commission, which was decisive. He was looking for a project that was sporty, fun and which promoted team cohesion. The club presented specifications which appealed to , says the manager.

Meeting with the public, Wednesday afternoon

This is how Marie-Florence Candassamy, Auriane Mallo-Breton, Coraline Vitalis ( holders) and Alexandra Louis-Marie (substitute) and their training partners and coaches will set down their bags this week. on their program, there will be daily training at the Alain-le-Hétet hall, fun activities and the discovery of the region and its traditions. There will also be joint training with EPL residents and exchanges between fencing masters. Wednesday afternoon, the public will be able to come and meet the champions during a signing session. The team will also be received by the municipality.

Interventions in schools, hosting training courses for national fencing masters, organization of federal competitions… For almost 7 years, these are all actions of the club to promote the development and influence of fencing in the region. So welcoming the French team, with the club's own funds, is in a way the consecration of all these efforts.

However, neither the EPL nor David Maillard does not intend to stop there. "We are part of the Impact 2024 label approach launched by Cojo (organizing committee for the Olympic Games, Editor's note). The idea is that France remains a sporting territory beyond the Games. This translates into access to the practice for as many people as possible, that is to say financial accessibility and by hosting national and international events to make them visible and accessible to all " concludes David Maillard.

On Wednesday June 5, from 3 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., at the Alain-le-Hétet hall, the public will be able to interact with the champions. Signing session and selfies on the program. I subscribe to read more

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