Collapsed bridge in Baltimore: validated inspections, control gauge… technical checks at the heart of the investigation

On Tuesday March 26, 2024, a ship hit a bridge in Baltimore in the United States. The structure collapsed, causing the disappearance of several people. Six victims are still missing.

The investigation continues to understand the causes of the accident. A bridge collapsed in Baltimore in the United States on Tuesday after a container ship hit it. The people who were on the structure fell from a height of 50 meters into water at 7 °C, very hostile conditions which led to the launch of a vast research system. Six more people are missing in the river.

While investigations seek to determine the causes of the tragedy, new elements concerning the boat at the origin of the accident are overwhelming the verification procedures. According to our colleagues from BFMTV, the container ship Dali had passed two inspections in 2023 with success.

Integrity and operation validated

According to the Singapore port authorities, the boat had, in 2023, passed two inspections to be able to continue sailing. The classification certificates relating to to "the structural integrity of the vessel and the operation of the& rsquo;ship equipment were valid at the time of the incident", they ask.

Moreover last June, another inspection was carried out, concerning the control gauge of the device, which was defective and had been repaired.

Research suspended

The MV Dali reportedly suffered a "momentary loss of propulsion" on Tuesday. He had just reported an "electrical problem". A few minutes later, he hit the Francis-Scott-Key Bridge.

The ninth American port has since been paralyzed. According to our colleagues, it directly employs more than 15,000 people and indirectly nearly 140,000 others.

Six people are still missing and are now presumed dead. The search is suspended. "Based on the length of the search and the water temperature, at this time we do not believe we will find these individuals still alive&quot ;, said Vice Admiral Shannon Gilreath at a press conference.

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