Color run in Nîmes: come run for a good cause in the Vauban moats!

Color run in Nîmes: come run for a good cause in the Vauban moats!

De gauche à droite : Anaïs Boyer-Rossin, chargée de communication de l'association Master du Droit public des affaires locales ; Elisa Sanchez, présidente de Soroptimist Nîmes ; Clément Stevant, président de l'association du Master Droit public des affaires locales, et Didier Lourdou, secrétaire général de Via Femina Fama. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

The profits from the race organized by the association of the master's degree in local business law in Nîmes will go to Via Femina Fama which supports women victims of violence.

How to exercise physically, in a good mood while doing a good deed? See you at the 3rd edition of the color run, which will be held at the ;University of Nîmes this Saturday, May 4.

"This year, we have decided to donate the profits from this charity race to the Via Femina Fama association, explains Clément Stevant, president of the association of the Master of Public Law in Local Business.When we noted that in 2024, 55 feminicides have already taken place since January, it seemed obvious to us to act for this cause." In At the same time, the student association joined forces with the NGO Soroptimist : "We work in five branches, recalls the president of Soroptimist Nîmes, Elisa Sanchez. Women's education, leadership, health, environment and sustainable development and the fight against violence against women . We already knew Via Femina Fama with whom we work, so partnering with this event was normal."

Accompanying and supporting abused women

Via Femina Fama (CFF) supports nearly every year"150 women and we are following around forty over the longer term. In addition to listening and welcoming these women victims of violence, we organize reconstruction workshops where we address, for example, self-esteem or the reappropriation of the body. ;quot;, details Didier Lourdou, general secretary of VFF. Essential aid for these women. Especially since the number of feminicides is unfortunately not decreasing: "In 2022, there were 118 in France. In 2023, it rose to 134, sighs Didier Lourdou. Suffice it to say that any light and support for VFF's actions are welcome, with Color run in mind.

In addition to the race, the departures of which will be staggered between 9 a.m., 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., a raffle will also be offered, while stands of partner associations will allow the general public to be informed: "We also wanted to talk about the association ’No secrets", a very small structure in Nîmes, which fights against incest", adds Clément Stevant. Who, with his team, is waiting for the participants for a colorful morning!

Meet on Saturday May 4 at the University of Nîmes, Vauban site. Departure at 9 a.m., 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. All-public race. Registrations, 3 €, possible on the day of the race or via this link.

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