Compensation for sick leave, benefits offered to employees: unpopular savings options proposed by the Court of Auditors

Compensation for sick leave, benefits offered to employees: unpopular savings options proposed by the Court of Auditors

Pierre Moscovici détaillera des pistes d’économie concrètes fin juin. MAXPPP – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

The high court proposes, in particular, to no longer compensate work stoppages of less than eight days, in a report published Wednesday, and to look into certain salary supplements.

The Court of Auditors proposes to no longer compensate work stoppages of less than eight days, to make 470 M€ savings per year.

Faced with the slippage in the Social Security accounts, whose deficit will widen to more than 17.2 billion euros; by 2027, the high court lists several possible avenues, in its application report on the Social Security financing laws, published Wednesday and relayed by Le Figaro.

The court also proposes to extend the waiting period, between the diagnosis of illness and the start of compensation, from three to seven days (945 million euros in expected savings). And this, "for all stops, whatever their duration".

Or to reduce the maximum duration of compensation from three years to two years, with, at the same time, better care for chronic pathologies (750 million euros). ;savings).

"Better distribute the load"

The Medef requests the introduction of a "day of public order waiting period".< /em> Clearly, any employee would endure a day of absence, even those whose coverage is currently provided by their company from the first day of sick leave, recall the magistrates of rue Cambon.

They also do not rule out this route, subject to certain adjustments.

"It is imperative to find ways to better regulate spending in this area of ​​sick leave", explains Pierre Moscovici, first president of the Court of Auditors, while the costs of compensation for work stoppages increased by more than 50% between 2017 and 2022, for reach 12 billion euros; in the general regime.

Explosive tracks

It would be necessary, in general, "to better distribute the burden" of compensation work stoppages between Social Security, companies and policyholders, summarizes the institution.

The high court also proposes regulating innovative anticancer drugs, to reduce their prices more quickly. And to reduce certain exemptions from social security contributions on salary supplements. A subject, again, sensitive.

Holiday vouchers, restaurant vouchers…

Among these advantages from which employees benefit, there is, in fact, the payment of part of the mutual insurance, welfare or supplementary retirement contracts, meal vouchers, checks vacation, home-work transportation costs or even profit-sharing, value-sharing bonuses, overtime and compensation for termination of the employment contract.

The magistrates finally recommend "to go further in the fight against work stoppage fraud and in the control of doctors' prescriptions".

The institution will detail concrete avenues for the development of health insurance at the end of June.

Among these ideas, each more unpopular than the other, "there are important deposits"  savings, underlines Pierre Moscovici. But, he recognizes, it will take "political will" to implement them.

An administrative millefeuille at 7.5 billion

The phenomenon had never been seen before. &eac;evaluatedé so far. The administrative millefeuille linked to to the skills shared by the State and communities "can be estimatedé &agrav; 7.5 billion euros, specifies a report submitted on Wednesday to the government by the mayor of Charleville-Mézières, Boris Ravignon (LR). The costs linked to the coordination of the different administrations which intervene on the same public policy represent at the same time they alone account for 85% of the 7.5 billion euros. While 10 billion euros of cuts have already been completed. été formalized in state spending in 2024, with as many savings as possible. do from now on, these additional costs "cannot all be eliminated, but they can be reduced ;s", estimates the government. "The French see clearly that there is a form of confusion of responsibilities today", a commenté the delegated minister to Public Accounts Thomas Cazenave. Or "the complexityé local public action is for me a democratic subject. This is a problem of efficiency. and it’s also a cost problem for public finances", he underlines.

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