Corsica has just taken a “decisive step” towards autonomy status: what should we expect from now on ?

Corsica has just taken a “decisive step” towards autonomy status: what should we expect from now on ?

Jean-Jacques Panunzi and Gilles Simeoni during the Beauvau dinner.

What does the agreement reached between Corsican elected officials and the government provide for ? What are the steps now for it to be adopted ? State of play.

It’was a promise from Emmanuel Macron. The reform of the status of Corsica began to take shape during the night of Monday to Tuesday, Place Beauvau.

After nearly five hours of discussions, Corsican elected officials and the government reached an agreement for "constitutional writing"acting "the recognition of a status of autonomy" of the island of beauty, has announced Gérald Darmanin.

The first paragraph of the text was read by the Minister of the Interior: "This constitutional writing provides for the recognition of a status of ;rsquo;autonomy for Corsica within the Republic which takes into account its own interests, linked to its Mediterranean insularity, to its historical, linguistic, cultural community and having developed a singular link to its land."& nbsp;

Expanded Powers

The document allows "power to adapt national legislative and regulatory standards" and "its own normative power, whether legislative or regulatory", explained the minister. Developments framed by an "organic law".

The Cose could therefore set its own standards, if they remain consistent with the Constitution. This text "respects both the red lines set by the President of the Republic and myself", commented Gérald Darmanin therefore announcing "the end of the Beauvau process". What about other regions ? This draft agreement obtained a "broad consensus" from elected officials, specifies the government.

National consultations to come

It will now be submitted to the vote of the Corsican Assembly, "before taking the path of national political consultations".< /em>

The president of the Corsican executive, the autonomist Gilles Simeoni, sees it as "a decisive step" , "considerable", which now irreversibly inscribes " a Corsica autonomous within the Republic, with no turning back", he argued in the columns of the newspaper Le Monde.

"The notion of Corsica's own interests will make it possible to regulate later, via the organic law, the notions of resident status for access to land ownership in order to limit speculation or insert the notion of bilingualism for the Corsican language, he clarified.

But the subject divides. Paul-Félix Benedetti, president of the independence movement Core in Fronte, believes that the essentials will in reality be defined by the future organic law, while Senator LR from Corse-du-Sud, Jean-Jacques Panunzi, says, him, "fiercely opposed to the legislative power" which would be granted to the island.

A Congress in Versailles

Une "red line" also for the president of LR, Eric Ciotti. The head of the LR senators, Bruno Retailleau, even denounces an attempt to "constitutionalize communitarianism".

To be adopted, the text must be voted on in the same terms by the National Assembly then the Senate, before obtaining a three-fifths majority during the vote in Congress, in Versailles , in order to ratify the constitutional revision, scheduled for fall 2024.

The Corsicans will also be consulted by "referendum", specifies Gérald Darmanin. The president of the Brittany Region, Loïg Chesnais-Girard, immediately jumped into the breach, asking, in Le Figaro, the possibility for any local authority to obtain a "special status".

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