“Criminal initiatives”: Brigitte Bardot criticizes the prefect’s decree which authorizes the slaughter of stray dogs in Aveyron

“Criminal initiatives”: Brigitte Bardot criticizes the prefect’s decree which authorizes the slaughter of stray dogs in Aveyron

A slaughter order was issued by the prefect for five municipalities in South Aveyron. MAXPPP – Laurent Gillieron

The prefecture of Aveyron and the sub-prefecture of Millau published on Wednesday April 10, 2024 a decree authorizing the slaughter of stray, wandering or malicious dogs. ;until May 10 in several municipalities. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation calls on Gérald Darmanin to become "its ally" to sanction the prefect.

A decree from the Aveyron prefecture authorizing the killing of dogs suspected of having attacked flocks of sheep has triggered hostile reactions from animal rights organizations.

"A stupid and useless reflex"

Latest to date, the Brigitte Bardot foundation asked this Friday, May 3, 2024, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin to "not to let the prefects play cowboys", denouncing "criminal initiatives".

After 11 herd attacks recorded since the start of the year, notably in Larzac, the prefecture of Aveyron has temporarily authorized the slaughter of "Saarloos" dogs, a breed close to the wolf, to protect livestock.

These dogs were spotted by the French Biodiversity Office (OFB) " wandering in the territory of the attacks. The physical characteristics of this dog are very close to those of a wolf, with which it can be easily confused", specifies the prefecture in a press release.

"In their strict mission of protecting herds", underlines the prefecture, the order < em>"authorizes (wolf scouts and agents of the OFB, editor's note) to kill any dog ​​in a state of wandering and identified as having caused damage to herds or likely to cause it&quot ;.

In a letter to Gérald Darmanin, Brigitte Bardot recalls that her foundation "is working in many countries to stop these dog killings but it’s in France where all the barbarities are concentrated , from bullfights to hunting with hounds, including force-feeding" and asks him to be his "ally".

She recognizes "that the herds must be protected", but believes that killing the dogs and the wolves with guns is "an imbecile and useless reflex" which "does not solve anything".

Animal rights organizations criticize this method

Other animal rights organizations, such as One Voice or the Stéphane Lamart association, have also criticized the method and attacked the order before the administrative courts.< /p>

One Voice believes that the lack of monitoring of herds is the main risk factor and considers the State's response disproportionate: "Kill , kill and kill again! And when wolves aren't targeted, it's the dogs' turn."

In addition to that of stray dogs targeted by the decree, a regular presence of wolves in Aveyron, coming from the Alpine massif, was also established by the OFB.

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