Curfew for minors under 13: the order of the mayor of Béziers challenged in court

Curfew for minors under 13: the order of the mayor of Béziers challenged in court

Me Sophie Mazas and the leaders of several organizations opposed to the curfew, this Wednesday morning at the administrative court. free lunch – G. T.

On April 22, the mayor of Béziers issued an order establishing a curfew between 11 a.m. and 6 a.m. for minors under the age of 13 in priority areas of the city. A measure contested in the administrative court by the Human Rights League which considers it unfounded and contrary to the freedom to come and go.

Is the curfew established in Béziers for minors under the age of 13 since April 22 in compliance with the law? ? The order taken by Robert Ménard and which concerns the populations of the city's three priority districts was the subject of a suspension appeal before the administrative court. The challenge brought by the League for Human Rights and its lawyer, Me Sophie Mazas, was examined this Wednesday morning by the summary judge.

"No particular problem in Béziers"

According to me Mazas, the measure taken by the municipality is consistent with that taken in 2014 which was then considered illegal by the Council of State."The Council of State annulled the decision because it should have justified particular risks relating to minors. This type of order is possible but specific risks are required. she elaborated. According to his analysis, the text of April 22 suffers from the same weaknesses. "The figures cited by the town hall on the increase in delinquency are national. There are none in Béziers because there is no particular problem in the town. The mayor does not provide any specific information to say that there is delinquency in these sectors" she assures.

Decision during the day

For the municipality’s lawyer, Me Alexandre Bellotti, the contested order must rather be appreciated as a measure of "child protection". "By issuing his decree, the mayor shouldered his responsibilities and decided to take the place of failing parents, in the blind spots of national systems" explains- he. "What is surprising is the general support for this measure. Those who are the beneficiaries do not dispute its merits because they know that children must be protected" continues Me Bellotti. He recalls that other cities, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Limoges, Nice, have made equivalent arrangements. The City maintains that its decision is proportionate and remains “low impact, except for minors under 13 years old”. "But the risks are there. According to the municipal police, one incident per week involves a minor" insists me Bellotti.

The summary judge of the administrative court should say whether he is suspending the order or not during the day or at the latest tomorrow morning.

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