Cycling: Red Bull will field a team in the next Tour de France

Cycling: Red Bull will field a team in the next Tour de France

Wout Van Aert had already worn the colors of the Austrian brand for several years. MAXPPP – DAVID PINTENS

The Red Bull group and the Bora-Hansgrohe team announced on Thursday that they had sealed their partnership agreement which will begin at the Tour de France this summer.

The German team, which includes the Slovenian Primoz Roglic in its ranks, will be called Red Bull-Bora-Hansgrohe on the Grande Boucle which will start on June 29 from Florence.

"The goal is to settle at the top of our sport. With Red Bull as the majority shareholder, team manager Ralph Denk will optimize the existing structure and benefit from the extensive performance expertise of other Red Bull" , indicates the team in a press release.

A formidable future competitor ?

The Red Bull brand, specializing in energy drinks, is already present in many sports such as Formula 1 and also individually sponsors star cyclists such as the Belgian Wout Van Aert. This winter she became the majority shareholder, at 51%, in the company of Ralph Denk, the manager who holds the license for the Bora-Hansgrohe team.

With the arrival of Red Bull, whose financial contribution has not been specified, the team promises to be a formidable competitor for the years to come from the UAE and Visma-Lease a bike teams which have dominated the peloton for several years. In 2025, the new armada will also launch a program intended for hopeful riders under 23 to make the transition between juniors and the World Tour squad.

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