De La Salle High School: Hugues Esbalin leaves

De La Salle High School: Hugues Esbalin leaves

Hugues Esbalin est directeur depuis plus de quinze ans. Midi Libre – ALEXIS BETHUNE

Le directeur, à la tête de l'établissement alésien depuis plus de quinze ans, a annoncé quitter ses fonctions le lundi 6 mai dernier.  

A page in the history of DeLasalle high school will soon be turned. Indeed, Hugues Esbalin, the director of this private Catholic educational establishment located in the city center of Alès, is leaving. To cut short any noise from the corridors, he announced it himself, Monday 6 May, to the educational community.

17 years of presence

That day, he even signaled that he would leave his post " August 31 ". He should therefore see the delivery of the transformation project of the part of the high school overlooking Place Gabriel-Péri.
For the moment, he, who is now in his 17th year at the helm of La Salle, is very discreet. Obviously looking for change, he is refining his future and talks about " another professional project ", which he will report on when the time comes. Concerning the future of the management of the educational establishment, he specifies that " the DeLasalle network takes care of (its) replacement ". To be continued, therefore…

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