Dieudonné forbidden, a new architectural madness, a loude finds the sea… the essential news in the region

Dieudonné forbidden, a new architectural madness, a loude finds the sea... the essential news in the region

Les cinq infos à retenir ce jeudi 14 mars. J.-M. M et D. R.

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Dieudonné forbids you to play

#NÎMES – Banned in Montpellier last January and on multiple occasions, the controversial comedian Dieudonné will also be banned from performing this Friday March 15 in Nîmes. The prefect of Gard, Jérôme Bonet, issued an order prohibiting the show “Dieudonné sous bracelet”, throughout the department, including if he had to play on a bus, as he has done. rsquo;habit. Enough to satisfy the mayor of the Gard capital Jean-Paul Fournier while "anti-Semitic remarks are more and more uninhibited"  and denouncing the "multiple convictions".

A Tunisian sailboat returns to sea

#SETE –The “Haj Ameur” will return to the Mediterranean Sea, its natural element this Saturday March 16 from the Plagette shipyard. Sétois Robert Antraygues will have a pang in his heart when he sees one of the last Tunisian boats that he knows by heart sailing. Because he is at the origin of the construction of this funny sailboat, more than 30 years ago. And this boat has had some funny adventures since leaving one of the shipyards in Sfax, Tunisia, before ending up in oblivion. But thanks to the know-how of the Latin Sails association, the “Haj Ameur” freshly renovated is preparing to write a new page in its history on the banks of the Thau basin.

The number of the day:  1,639

#AVEYRON – This is the number of companies that set up in 2023 in Aveyron. Much more than the 727 creations recorded 5 years ago. A sign of an attractive department which manages to increase the number of salaried jobs thanks to the renewable energy, real estate and even online commerce sectors. And this, despite the decline in industry, a major sector or in the hotel and catering sector in rural areas.

A new wave of Follies

#MONTPELLIER – The Oasis project, the first building in a new wave of architectural Folies, taken up after the constructions of the ;White Tree and Divine Folie, was unveiled yesterday by its promoter Sogeprom-Pragma. These are two buildings, separated by thirty meters and connected by a footbridge, near the GGLStadium rugby stadium. A five-story office building, another twelve-story residential building with a rooftop restaurant, a gym on the skywalk… Prices have not yet been revealed but the start of the Marketing is scheduled for April 24. Delivery of the housing is hoped for the first quarter of 2027.

At the polls, voters of Pont-Saint-Esprit

#MUNICIPAL ELECTION – The early municipal election of Pont-Saint-Esprit, a Gard commune of 11,000 inhabitants, will take place on April 28 for the first round and on May 5, 2024, for the second round. An early election following waves of resignations of municipal councilors from the majority and the opposition after the mayor, Claire Lapeyronie decided to withdraw delegations from elected officials from her majority at the end of October 2023. Claire Lapeyronie assured that’ rsquo;she stood at the top of the list for this new municipal election. At least two candidates will be in front of her. These are Emmanuel Le Pargneux, former parliamentary attaché of the deputy for the 4th constituency of Gard Pierre Meurin for the National Rally; and Gérome Bouvier, former civil servant at the town hall of Pont-Saint-Esprit, who launches with a list that he defines as "apolitical and without label"< /em>.

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