DIRECT. Kiel-MHB: dominated, Montpellier is still in the race for Final 4 against Kiel at half-time

DIRECT. Kiel-MHB: dominated, Montpellier is still in the race for Final 4 against Kiel at half-time

Les Héraultais sont à l’échauffement dans la grande Sparkassen-Arena de Kiel. Midi Libre – Benoit Rouyre

Montpellier se déplace à la Sparkassen-Arena pour y défier Kiel lors du quart de finale retour de la Ligue des champions, ce jeudi 2 mai.

A match to follow live with commentary here:

HALF-TIME: KIEL 17 – 12 MONTPELLIER. Well into its game, the MHB then wasted several ammunition in attack and saw THW Kiel having made up half of its deficit at the break.

29e: Time out requested by Kiel for their last attack. Bilyk scores a new goal for Kiel (17-12). Montpellier loses the ball in the final seconds.

28e:Skube takes the outside interval and his cross shot finds Mrkva. Pekeler is found in the pivot and scores a roucoulette on Bolzinger (16-11). Lenne A. is again served at 6m and deceives Mrkva from close range (16-12).

27e: Pellas is staggered by Porte once again and the winger scores (14-11). Bilyk feints and opens the goal (15-11).

26e: Bolzinger makes the stop that  ;rsquo;we need to focus on Reinkind's shot. Time out requested by Patrice Canayer.

25e: Lenne A. gets a 7m throw for zone defense. Fernandez misses the shot. Bilyk with a shot in the back deceives Bolzinger (14-10). Rapid and missed shot for the MHB.

24e:Bilyk finds Bolzinger on his way but the referees return to a foul and Johansson scores the penalty by lobbing Bolzinger (13-10).

23e: Johansson still finds the opening by far (12-9). Lenne A. continues and scores again at 6m (12-10).

22e: Dahmke pierces Bolzinger at the near post (11 -8). Wallinius gets 2 minutes for a foul on Porte. Lenne A. struggles to recover the ball and deceive Mrkva (11-9).

21e : Skube walks around the center and arrives at 6m to conclude his action (10-8).

20th: Bolzinger stops the shot but the referees come back to a prior fault. Wiencek is once again shifted to the pivot position and Bolzinger diverts the shot.

19e:market whistled against the MHB. The Montpellier residents stammer their handball in attack.

18e: Simonet misses the target. Ekberg beats Bolzinger at 6m (10-7).

17th: entry into second pivot of Pellas, found by Porte who beats Mrkva (9-7). Kiel shoots wide while Bolzinger has entered the cages.

16e: Reinkind shoots Desbonnet at the near post (9 -6).

15e : Door shifts Skube which fits 6m but his quick shot is stopped by Mrkva once again. Wiencek is found by Johansson alone at the pivot position and deceives Desbonnet (8-5). Montpellier has just suffered a 4-0. Porte concludes the attack and revives Montpellier (8-6).

14e:at 5, Montpellier defends well but Johansson finds the net again (7-5).

13th: Monte misses his shot and Kiel scores the empty goal (6-5). New loss of ball from MHB and Monte on the withdrawal takes 2 minutes of suspension.

12e: Monte takes responsibility at the time of refusal of play but his shot is saved by Mrkva. Johansson arrives launched at 6m and ends his action with a beautiful chabala on Desbonnet (5-5).

11e: two minutes for Door for a hand at Johansson's face. The latter takes a long-range shot but Desbonnet makes his first save.

10e:Bellahcene is out and is replaced by Mrkva. Porte is once again cut by Overby. Video requested. Red for the Norwegian pivot from Kiel. Monte ends the action with a long cross shot (4-5).

9e: perfect kung fu to find Reinkind who already scored his 3rd goal (4-4).

8e: Pellas is perfectly offset by Monte who deceives Bellahcene (3-4). Panic gets two minutes for a foul on Wiencek.

7e : Reinkind takes his interval and deceives Desbonnet at first post (3-3).

6e: Monte smashes the crossbar. Reinkind makes a strong pass and on the counter-attack Lenne is pushed by Johansson: two minutes for the Kiel player and Pellas misses the penalty against Mrkva.

5e:Wiencek wins a penalty but Ekberg shoots over.

4e: Reinkind takes a quick shot into the opposite corner which takes Desbonnet on the wrong foot (2-2). Then Lenne shifts, doesn't tremble and deceives Bellahcene (2-3)

3e: Johansson takes first German shot, finds the post and Desbonnet's foot enters the ball (1-2). Forceful passage whistled against Porte while Wiencek is not far from the tackle on the Montpellier rear.

2nd: arm raised and refusal to game whistled against Kiel. Monte is cut again by Wiencek but nothing is whistled. Nacinovic concluded the work of his team (0-2).

1e:Duvnjak puts his hands in Skube's head and receives the first two minutes of the game. Porte is found in the interval and deceives Bellahcene for his first shot (0-1).

0e: kick off is given by the MHB. Desbonnet attacks in goal and Bellahcene on the Kiel side.

H – 5' : the match will be refereed by the Norwegian pair: Jorum and Kleven. Montpellier will play the match in blue and Kiel in its white outfit.

H – 10' : Patrice Canayer's players carry out their last training in the Sparkassen-Arena before their fight against Kiel.

H – 15' : MHB supporters who were unable to travel to Germany will all meet at the MHB Café which will full house this evening.

H – 30' : two teams have already qualified for the Final 4 in Cologne (June 8-9): Aalborg s& ;rsquo;was defeated by Veszprem and his armada of Frenchmen and Magdeburg defeated Kielce on penalties. PSG will attempt the feat of overcoming Barcelona this Thursday evening at 8:45 p.m. after being beaten by 8 goals.

H – 45' : during the first leg, Montpellier, who had chosen to play the match at the FDI Stadium, largely won at the end of a match controlled from start to finish and finished with a nine-goal lead.

H – 60' : Montpellier travels to Germany to try to reach the Final 4 for only the second time in its history after 2018, and its victorious journey. The MHB will have to resist Kiel to reach Cologne. Montpellier has already reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League nine times, qualifying only 3 times in the semi-finals.

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