Disabled resident of Béziers found dead in Lozère: a former Parisian lawyer indicted for the murder of her half-brother

Disabled resident of Béziers found dead in Lozère: a former Parisian lawyer indicted for the murder of her half-brother

L'avocate a été mise en examen pour “homicide volontaire” Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

A lawyer from the Paris bar is suspected of having killed their disabled half-brother, with another member of his family already imprisoned. The body was found in a hamlet in Lozère.

According to Le Parisien, a Parisian woman was indicted for "intentional homicide" by an investigating judge in Nîmes this Wednesday, March 6. Along with her brother, she is suspected of having killed a member of her family with a disability.

Contacted by Midi Libre, the Nîmes prosecutor, Cécile Gensac, clarified that the suspect is a former lawyer and is no longer in practice. It was presented today to the investigating judge acting under commission rogatory

The case dates back to November 24, when a body was found in Albaret-Sainte-Marie, a small town of 500 inhabitants in Lozère. On the corpse of the victim, who appears to be between 50 and 60 years old, a sheet of paper is found with the inscription "My sister", followed by a phone number.

A suspect not found

Quickly, the gendarmes from the Nîmes and Mende research sections began by identifying the telephone line marked on the sheet found. The number belongs to a general practitioner lawyer from the Paris bar.

As the suspect cannot be found and cannot be contacted, it is the suspect's brother who is questioned by the investigators. The latter first lies to the gendarmes, explaining that he does not know the lawyer, whose name and address he nevertheless shares. He then indicates that his sister has cancer and is currently in Vietnam.

A sixty-year-old from Béziers

The man also declares that, according to him, the investigations "concern his half-brother", a certain Henri, a sixty-year-old living in Béziers. The latter allegedly threatened him with a knife last November. The individual also specifies that Henri is disabled and that he has been taking care of him for several years at the request of their father, a dying man also residing in Vietnam, and whose he is busy with his sister.

After seeing a photo of the body found in Albaret-Sainte-Marie, the suspect claims that it is not his half-brother. After verifications, the victim is indeed Henry.

Ex-lawyer arrested on her return from Vietnam

Investigations also reveal that the suspect's car traveled between Paris and Hérault in order to go to Lozère a few days before the discovery of the corpse. The man also allegedly washed his vehicle in a motorway rest area in the days that followed. The investigation even established that he would have traveled to Vietnam before the murder, which explains the presence of the Vietnam Airlines mask on the victim.

Still according to Le Parisien, the man was therefore placed in detention by the gendarmes of the research section Nimes. Before investigators, the latter denied any responsibility for the death of his half-brother. In February, her sister returned to France and was arrested as soon as she got off the plane. Police custody was quickly lifted for health reasons. She is then indicted but also denies the facts.

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