Discover the boat on which the Olympic flame will cross the Etang de Thau

Discover the boat on which the Olympic flame will cross the Etang de Thau

Le Capitaine Pesqui transportera la flamme de Balaruc-les-Bains à Sète. Midi Libre – NICOLAS ZARROUK

Le 13 mai, la flamme olympique traversera l'étang de Thau entre Balaruc-les-Bains et Sète. 

The "Captain Pesqui", an innovative boat from the Lycée de la mer which serves as an educational vessel, will have the responsibility (the honor!) of carrying the Balaruc flame across -les-Bains in Sète, on May 13.

The building of around ten meters, built in Saint-Cyprien, was chosen by the COJO for this rewarding mission. "It s&rsquo ;refers to our educational ship which arrived last January, explains Sylvain Pelegrin, the director of the Lycée de la mer Paul-Bousquet. She will be used as a leader boat and it’s a great honor. I think its recent and innovative nature contributed to this choice. It’s also a great showcase for our establishment."

Boat of the future

This ship is a true prototype in its propulsion (hybrid: diesel and electric), its maintenance, and what makes up its biosourced hull (partly based on recycled bottles). The wheelhouse part, for its part, was made of natural linen fiber. A sort of boat of the future on which six runners and the flame bearer will embark, a handful of elected officials and members of the OCOG and, of course, the pilot of the shuttle, from the Lycée de la mer.< /p>

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