End-of-life law: MPs reintroduce “vital prognosis” in eligibility criteria

End-of-life law: MPs reintroduce "vital prognosis" in eligibility criteria

Article 5 was voted on Thursday by 88 votes to 50. MAXPPP – Christophe Petit Tesson

The deputies voted this Thursday, June 6, 2024, for article 5 of the bill dedicated to the end of life.

The deputies approved this Friday, June 7, 2024, the criteria opening the right to assistance in dying, as part of the first reading examination of the end-of-life bill, reintroducing the idea deleted in committee that the "vital prognosis" of the patient must be engaged.

A serious and incurable condition

As it currently stands, the text opens this aid to people over the age of 18, French or residing in France. They must suffer from a serious and incurable illness, in an advanced or terminal phase, which is life-threatening and causes refractory or unbearable physical or psychological suffering. They must also be able to express their will in a free and informed manner.

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