Enedis continues its efforts to deploy renewable energies in Aveyron

Enedis continues its efforts to deploy renewable energies in Aveyron

L’Agence de conduite des réseaux de Rodez gère cinq départements. Centre presse – Alexia Ott

The objective: to increase the number of installations in the department by 25% in 2024.

Enedis, the largest electricity distribution network in Europe, is present more than ever in Aveyron. A development committed to the ecological transition. While in 2023, 1,600 new renewable energy installations, including a majority of photovoltaics, have been connected to the production network, the agency based in Rodez anticipates a flow at least as significant and even hopes for an increase in the number of installations of 25% in 2024. "It’is a real challenge to connect all these producers to the network, while maintaining the quality of supply for all customers", confides Patrick Liminana, the territorial director Enedis Aveyron.

An ambitious recruitment plan

A demographic and economic dynamic in the department is definitely present. "Every year we have more consumers", continues the territorial director. An investment of 56 million euros is then planned in 2024 to absorb this flow, an increase of 28% compared to the past year.

To keep up with the demands of new consumers, Enedis has an ambitious recruitment plan for the years to come. "We work with local businesses, National Education, and in particular with the Jean-Jaurès high school in Saint-Affrique, to develop professional baccalaureate and BTS training. Teaching provided in a way that corresponds to the needs of Enedis and the companies working on the distribution network." An action launched in 2023, which will continue over future years, since in Aveyron, a few dozen people will be hired over the next three years.

Enedis in Aveyron: the figures

Enedis has no less than eight sites in Aveyron: Aubin, Espalion, Millau, Rodez, Saint-Affrique and Villefranche-de-Rouergue. In total, the energy operator relies on 270 employees who manage a whopping 17,145 kilometers of electrical lines to serve 206,249 customers. In 2024 Enedis plans 44 million euros of investments, an increase of 6% compared to 2022. In total, in Aveyron, Enedis manages 8,519 renewable energy production installations, 8,413 installations of photovoltaic production and 4,372 electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicles.

In Aveyron, as in the departments of Lozère, Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne and Lot, it is the agency responsible for managing the distribution networks of the ;rsquo;electricity of Rodez which manages the monitoring of the good supply of all customers and the various maneuvers linked to incidents or work necessary for this supply. A service that has been operating 24 hours a day for 20 years.

In practice, when a sensor installed on the distribution network detects an incident or fault, an alarm sounds in the premises of the Rodez driving agency. The agency then uses the information provided to it, to initially carry out remote maneuvers. And, secondly, send agents to the field to intervene directly.

"There isn’a day when there isn’not a breakdown"

"There isn’a day when there isn’not a breakdown" , confesses Frédéric Rey, head of the Rodez driving agency. Wind, rain, snow…"The incidents in the department are essentially linked to climatic events", continues Patrick Liminana. Despite the 2-3 outages per day on average in Aveyron, the ultimate objective of the agency is to reduce customer outage time.

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