Escape of Mohamed Amra: 350 investigators mobilized “as long as it takes”, where are we in the hunt for the Fly ?

Escape of Mohamed Amra: 350 investigators mobilized "as long as it takes", where are we in the hunt for the Fly ?

Mohamed Amra, 30, known as “The Fly”, is the most wanted man in France. ASSEMBLY – MAXPPP

Ten days after the deadly attack on a prison van in Incarville (Eure) which enabled the escape of Mohamed Amra, the hunt for the fugitive and his accomplices continues, for the moment without success. But the police remain confident.

Where is Mohamed Amra ? And his accomplices who helped him escape from the prison van which was bringing him back from an appointment with a magistrate , killing two agents in the attack?

24 hours a day

Ten days after the events, the hunt for "the fly" continues. The drug trafficker, whose ultra-dangerous profile was discovered in recent days thanks to prison wiretapping revealed in the media, is still on the loose. The means to find him remains important. "A section of the Paris prosecutor's office is mobilized 24 hours a day on these files"< /em>, assured the public prosecutor of Paris, Laure Beccuau, this week on BFM. On the ground, 350 police officers from the National Fugitive Search Brigade (BNRF) and the Repression and Intervention Brigade (BRI) take turns "24 hours a day", doing "the 3-8". The Amra case immediately became the priority, they will remain mobilized "as long as it takes", commented the prosecutor.

"They settle down, burrow"

Laure Beccuau also mentioned "serious leads""There are investigations both for the collection of testimonies and technical investigations which continue to develop", she added. So, why no results so far ? "The escapees and their accomplices are vulnerable until they reach a first hideout. Afterwards they settle down, burrow a little. It can last several days. From that moment on, helicopters and roadblocks no longer serve much purpose, testifies a police officer involved in the investigation in Le Parisien.

"There are hundreds of us"

However, he, like the authorities, remains confident. "There are hundreds of us and they are only a handful and they can't relax." "However, a fugitive needs help, money and that's often where mistakes are made. He is not alone, an accomplice can also make a misstep. He can also be thrown away. He's a drug trafficker and, in this environment, competitors are ready for anything. On the run, you no longer have any friends", said another, still to Le Parisien.

Redouane Faïd lasted 3 months

They remember that Redouane Faïd, although considered the king of escape, lasted a maximum of three months during his two escapes. Thought he was far from France, he was arrested in 2018 in an apartment in Creil (Oise), the town where he is from. "Flee to ;rsquo;foreigner, it's sometimes more difficult and it's always more expensive, sums up a police officer.


Use and patience are therefore the key words to find Amra and her accomplices. Be careful too, as we know their determination. Only problem for investigators: political and media pressure. "It’is a very hot, very burning issue, which is followed at all levels& quot;, told 20 ​​Minutes a source close to the matter. According to our colleagues, the Minister of the Interior  Gérald Darmanin remains particularly informed of the investigations every day.

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