Escape of Mohamed Amra: “Certainly dangerous”, Eric Dupond-Moretti orders an inspection mission

The Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti, announced this Wednesday, May 29, 2024, that he had entrusted an investigation to the General Inspectorate of Justice concerning Mohamed Amra.

Detainee Mohamed Amra says "The Fly" escaped during an ultra-violent ambush in mid-May, causing the death of two prison officers and wounding three.

"I’discovered a certain number of elements in the press"

"I have the firm intention of shedding light on the treatment of detainee (Mohamed) Amra, and particularly with regard to the sharing of information" , indicated the minister during the government questions session before the Senate.

Still wanted by police services, in France and abroad, the repeat offender prisoner involved in drug trafficking escaped during the attack. rsquo;a prison administration van which transported him to the Incarville tollbooth (Eure).

"I discovered in the press a certain number of elements concerning the detainee (Mohamed) Amra and which indicate a certain dangerousness which did not seem to have been taken into consideration", insisted the Minister of Justice before the senators.

A meeting with the interregional directors of prison services

The inspection aims to understand "if’there have been flaws" in the sharing of information between the police, justice and the prison administration, the latter not seeming to have been aware of the real dangerousness of Mohamed Amra, specified the Chancellery.

The avenues for improvement that the inspection may eventually propose could find their place in the bill dedicated to the fight against organized crime, which must be presented in the fall .

The Minister of Justice specified that he would meet this Wednesday at 5 p.m. with the interregional directors of prison services to discuss the implementation of new security measures concerning " the most dangerous inmates" within prisons.

The fatal attack on the two agents, killed on May 14, led to a mobilization of the profession and a blockade of prisons for several days, before an agreement was reached found with the ministry relating in particular to the security of transfer missions.

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