She cleans public spaces constantly

She cleans public spaces constantly

She cleans public spaces constantly

Les mêmes gestes pour l’environnement tous les jours, discrètement.

At 89 years old, this resident considered original sets an example.

We definitely meet some extraordinary people at La Courondelle. So this 89-year-old lady that customers of the Aldi store can see every day, busy collecting paper and various waste with her tweezers in the parking lot, in the shopping carts and around the plane trees that she respects to the highest degree. . As she passes, she greets everyone and chats with those who are less in a hurry. This nature lover, originally from Compiègne, thus displays her convictions in matters of civic-mindedness. "You have to sweep your own door" is his favorite proverb. And added: "It's my favorite sport and we have to lead by example". A behavior considered original by most people but natural for her. The Aldi staff know her well and appreciate her, but she nevertheless wishes to remain anonymous in view of the remarks of which she is sometimes the victim. Rather, she deserves that schoolchildren or associations be encouraged to follow her example.

Correspondent Midi Libre: 06 62 58 43 20.

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