Euro 2024: Last dance for the France team against Canada before the start of the competition

Euro 2024: Last dance for the France team against Canada before the start of the competition

Giroud, dont ce devrait être la dernière en France avec le maillot bleu, et ses partenaires tricolores espèrent engranger de la confiance. MAXPPP – SPORTPIXPRESS

Les Bleus are playing their final friendly on Sunday, June 9, against Canada, before the big departure to Germany.

Olivier Giroud is like good wine. The older he gets, the more he is appreciated. This Sunday, the Matmut Atlantique stadium in Bordeaux, where we know a lot about the nectar, will watch him a little more closely. The former Montpellier player will most certainly live his last in France with this blue jersey to which he gave so many goals (57).

The top scorer in the history of the French team is 37 years old, will play next season at Los Angeles FC and has already announced that Euro 2024 (June 14-14) ;July) would be his last competition. This Sunday evening will not be his jubilee, however. But a friendly, a final one, before the big leap towards the European championship and a first meeting against Austria, on June 17.

The “der” from Giroud in France

"It's true that Olivier is in a particular situation but I have an objective and a group in which he is& ;quot;, tempered Didier Deschamps on Saturday. "Otherwise, there will also be the last training, the last night, what do we do each time, a festival ?", smiled the coach, whose sense of reality is matched only by his track record, XXL.

This "last dance" of’an "ideal player" , according to Antoine Griezmann, would deserve whatever "a nice tribute", blew the N.7 of the Blues. It would add depth to an evening which is not lacking in spite of the bill. Because after the quiet success against Luxembourg (3-0) on Wednesday, these Blues have good points and confidence to gain. "This is the last possibility to see if we are tactically ready", underlined “Grizou”, Saturday , before meeting Canadians at a different level from their counterparts in the Grand Duchy.

Rabiot spared, Mbappé too ?

Led by Lille striker Jonathan David or very offensive Bayern Munich fullback Alphonso Davies, the “Canucks” show real progress. "Football is growing among them, it will be a good test to see if we are good in impact, in speed of play", believes the vice-captain of the Blues despite the slap received by the North Americans against the Netherlands (4-0), Thursday.

Euro 2024: Last dance for the France team against Canada before the start of the competition

In what form and with what elements will the Tricolores face them ? Deschamps' composition will be watched closely. If the absence of Tchouaméni (foot), in the recovery phase, was already announced, that of Rabiot (muscle fatigue) was added. "Probably, I won't use it tomorrow to avoid taking any risks", announced “DD” .

During the two previous major competitions (World Cup 2022 and Euro 2021), the Basque had barely touched his team between the two preparation matches. An absence of Kylian Mbappé, spared during match eve training, will he be forced to do so?? On Saturday, Olivier Giroud stood ready. For one last rehearsal, first of all.

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