Volleyball: a clear victory for the Sétois, but undoubtedly for form

Volleyball: a clear victory for the Sétois, but undoubtedly for form

Gonzalez et les Sétois ont fait le job face à de tendres Illacais. Mais cela suffira-t-il ? MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Arago, 3-0 winner of Saint-Jean-d’Illac this Sunday, February 25, is still far from a place in the playoffs.

We had to take three points, this Sunday when Saint-Jean-d’Illac came, the job is done. In three rounds, sometimes disputed, sometimes skimmed, Arago returned the red lantern to his studies.

Still at the dock

Zanotti produced a very clean copy, Gonzalez was more comfortable than usual, Diop took advantage of the opponent's excitement to shine in the block… In short, at Barrou, the supporters hardly trembled. And the Sétois grabbed a place, moving up to tenth place in the Marmara SpikeLigue.

But will that be enough ? While the train heading towards the playoffs has already started, the Arago is still at the dock and we will have to run particularly fast to catch the eighth wagon.

Boosting its 3-0 victory against Narbonne, Paris remains eighth in the standings with seven points ahead and four more victories, before going to Nantes, receiving Chaumont, ;rsquo;go to Nice and finish at home against… Sète.

Exploits expected in Sète, poor performances hoped for in the others

Luc Marquet’s team didn’t do the hard part. She will have to go to Tourcoing, receive Tours, then go to Nantes before visiting the capital. And for it to maintain a chance of winning in the final sprint, it will have to win at least twice (and not in the tie-break) hoping that the Parisians lose everything, including their match at Nice.

It’is far, far from being done. But if this is the case, a “final” would then be possible between the two teams.

That said, to be satisfied with this projection would be to offend the players of Plessis-Robinson, ninth with one point in advance, who have the most favorable schedule with the receptions of Nice and Saint- Jean-d’Illac, and outings in Toulouse and Poitiers.

Finally, Paris is not really the favorite to go to the playoffs. And the Arago of Sète even less so.

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