Europeans: Marine Le Pen will be on the RN list, “she will enter the campaign” announces Jordan Bardella

Europeans: Marine Le Pen will be on the RN list, “she will enter the campaign” announces Jordan Bardella

Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella, side by side for the home stretch of the campaign. MAXPPP – Guillaume Horcajuelo

The president of the National Rally and leader for the European elections is launching the home stretch of his campaign. This will begin on May 1 with the presentation of the list in Perpignan. Marine Le Pen and Louis Aliot will be in penultimate and last positions.

The head of the National Rally (RN) list for the European elections, Jordan Bardella, announced on Sunday that Marine Le Pen was going "to enter the campaign" by his side in the coming days and appear on his list in penultimate position.

A Bardella – Le Pen

"Starting May 1st, starting next Wednesday, we will enter this home stretch" before the vote on June 9, estimated Mr. Bardella in the show "Dimanche en politique" on France 3, seeing it as an opportunity for "the duo that we form with Marine Le Pen to enter the campaign a little more prominently".

The leader of the RN in the National Assemblye "will go on the campaign trail in the coming days alongside me", a- he continued, on the occasion of the presentation of the complete list of the RN which he must make on May 1st in Perpignan. &quot ;And I am announcing to you that Marine Le Pen will close this list in penultimate position, since it is an equal list and the last on the list will be Louis Aliot", the mayor of Perpignan, added Mr. Bardella.

A senior official on the list

RN campaign director Alexandre Loubet also confirmed on Sunday on the social network information from the daily Le Parisien. He "will put his expertise at the service of the defense of the French in the European Parliament", s& Mr. Loubet is delighted, affirming that this "great servant of the State" was the author of the presidential project by Marine Le Pen "on the fight against fraud".

The European elections will be "a referendum for or against the disintegration of France", launched Mr. Bardella on France 3, defending his "breakthrough project" for Europe. The latter includes a < em>"radical shift in immigration policy" and a "vision of Europe which is a vision of cooperation between nations".

The appeal to LR and Reconquest voters

In addition to the RN voters, Mr Bardella reiterated his "desire to bring together the sincere patriots of LR", "the voters of Eric Zemmour who are lovers of France and also patriots on the left who consider that we also carry a certain number of republican values&quot ;"Voting for lists that will make 5 or 6% means weakening the weight of the sanction that could be inflicted on Emmanuel Macron, he argued.

A debate with Gabriel Attal ?

The boss of the RN also reiterated his desire for a face-to-face meeting with Prime Minister Gabriel Attal. "I renew my invitation to a democratic confrontation, to a debate with the leader of the presidential majority, our project against their vision", a- he said.

According to the daily "rolling" Ifop-Fiducial for LCI, Le Figaro and Sud Radio published on Friday, the National Rally list of Jordan Bardella is clearly at the top of voting intentions (31.5%), ahead of the Renaissance list of Valérie Hayer (16.5  ;nbsp;%), and the PS-Place publique list led by Raphaël Glucksmann (14%).

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