Eurovision: what is this mysterious “incident” which suspends the participation of Joost Klein, candidate from the Netherlands

Eurovision: what is this mysterious “incident” which suspends the participation of Joost Klein, candidate from the Netherlands

Will Joost Klein, qualified for the Eurovision semi-finals, be able to participate in the final this Saturday evening ? RITZAU SCANPIX – Ida Marie Odgaard

In a press release, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) indicates this Friday, May 10, that the Dutch Eurovision candidate, Joost Klein, has been suspended following a ’ quot;incident". What do we know about what is behind this event, which could well cost the Netherlands their participation in the singing competition?

"We are currently investigating an incident reported to us regarding the Dutch artist. He will not rehearse until further notice. We have no further comment to make at this time and will keep you informed in due course,” said in a statement cited by Le Parisien this Friday May 10th at the end of the day.

In a following press release, it is specified that the investigation is continuing and that Joost Klein, the candidate who represents the Netherlands in the Eurovision final would not participate at dress rehearsals.

A lively exchange at a press conference

So, what happened?? If no official justification is given, observers indicate that the opening of the investigation takes place shortly before the performance that he had to perform. Before that, he took part in the “parade of flags”, following which he unfollowed the Eurovision account on Instagram.

Public television in the Netherlands would have provided additional information. La Nos, cited by Libération, indicates that during& ;rsquo;a press conference attended by the ten selected for the semi-final this Thursday, May 9, Eden Golan, the Israeli candidate, was questioned about her participation.

In images broadcast by the Swedish channel SVT, we see that a journalist is trying to find out if she thinks that her presence could endanger the public and other participants.

The Swedish presenter intervened, specifying that the Israeli candidate was not required to respond. Joost Klein then removed the flag that covered his head to exclaim "Why not".

Le Parisien specifies that the candidate from the Netherlands had refused to appear with Eden Golan on social networks . However, the precise nature of "the’incident" mentioned by the EBU remains unknown. On the other hand, will this be sufficiently “serious”? to result in his disqualification ? The final takes place this Saturday evening.

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